Use Your Tablet or Smartphone as a Personal House-Hunting Assistant

Tech Tips

Use Your Tablet or Smartphone as a Personal House-Hunting Assistant

If you’re buying a house today, you know it’s a busy task with lots of details to keep track of. Fortunately, your smartphone or tablet makes this kind of task much easier! Try these apps and tips to help you manage the details and find the best house for you:

  • Use an information management app like Evernote to keep track of lists and details. You can include photos of houses you like, checklists for home visits, and more. You can even share your notes with your significant other or your realtor.

  • Take lots of pictures! Once you’ve seen more than a couple of houses, having some pictures will really help you remember what’s what. Tag each photo with the house’s street address, or file them in folders by the address.
  • Try Zillow (free for Android and iOS) to search for the perfect house. You can set up a saved search and Zillow will notify you when houses matching your profile come on the market, and they’ll help you connect with a realtor to take a tour. Zillow also gives you lots of financial details about homes.

  • For the other perspective, add on Trulia, which will tell you about nearby crime, schools, and other amenities that make your new neighborhood unique.
  • And get your priorities straight: Make sure you get a good cell signal throughout a potential new home before you buy. You don’t want to have to switch carriers just because you move.
  • Sure, your realtor may have converted to a digital signature application (and if not, you should really encourage them to do so), but we still haven’t made it through an entire house purchase without having to print and sign something. So a scan-and-email app makes a lot of sense. On your Android phone, just use the Scan function in Google Drive(free for Android) to scan and share a PDF of a document. This functionality still isn’t available on the iOS phone, but Scanbot (free with premium purchases available) ought to do the trick.