Will your family members actually use their tech gifts?

Tech Tips

We all have lofty expectations when buying a tech gift for loved ones: The fitness tracker that will get Dad in the shape of his life. A smart home security system that will end crime in your Aunt and Uncle’s hometown. A smart thermostat that’ll save your sister millions of dollars a month. As the cart fills, you imagine a tech-laden paradise where the whole family is connected, protected, and, for some reason… checking their heart rates a lot?

But then the big gift-giving day arrives. The devices are just sitting there waiting to change lives, but Mom and Dad can’t find the wireless password. There’s a problem connecting the new smart speakers to your brother’s music streaming app. And the smart TV isn’t recognizing available networks. Before you know it, it’s time to eat. Then it’s tomorrow, then suddenly it’s been six months and your family still hasn’t even unwrapped the robotic vacuum that was going to transform their entire outlook on life. Plus, all the chargers were misplaced by a pack of toddlers.

Bottom line: If a device isn’t set up quickly, it may never get set up at all.

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How to make sure your gifts get used

Buying a protection plan is one of the best ways to avoid being tech support for your gifts, and prevent perfectly good gadgets from collecting dust. Smart tech help from an Asurion protection plan provides unlimited access to tech experts via phone or live chat to help solve any tech issue.

Holiday shoppers have access to Asurion’s smart tech help through select cell phone protection plans sold through major wireless carriers. It’s also available to Walmart customers who purchase a new tech device and a Walmart Product Care Plan powered by Asurion. As part of the Walmart Product Care Plan, customers will receive 30 days of Soluto® premium tech help at no additional charge.

Source: Survey of 1030 U.S. adults conducted online by Asurion between Oct. 2-4, 2017