Your Phone is Key to Beating the Black Friday Bustle

Tech Tips

Your Phone is Key to Beating the Black Friday Bustle

Tap into your technology to ensure the busiest shopping day of the year goes without a glitch. Not only will these apps and devices, sourced by our own tech experts, smooth the shopping process, some will lead you to nab the best bargains in town.

Stay laser focused on your shopping list


Before you head to the mall, make a list of the items you want to buy. Wunderlist, available free on iOS and Android, will help you stay on track. This app gives you the ability to collaborate with others, so you can divide and conquer that shopping list.

Keep connected to your shopping crew, even when cell service is scarce


It can be hard to communicate with your family and friends across the store when everyone around you is furiously using up cellular data. Download FireChat, a free messaging app available on iOS and Android that allows texts to be sent and phone calls to be connected without using Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Snag the best deal with coupons, no scissors required


Flipping through the newspaper for deal alerts is a thing of the past. The Flipp app, available free on iOS and Android, delivers coupons from 800 local retailers straight to your device for maximum savings. As the app’s description reads, “Flipp takes the ‘extreme’ out of Extreme Couponing.”

Leave no shopper behind with location tracking


Can’t find the rest of your party? Use the Google+ app, available free on iOS and Android, to share your location with people in your Google+ circle, and pinpoint others’ positions, too.

When your Black Friday domination is complete, know where your keys are to make your great escape.


You’ve made it out of the store, arms full of the best deals. You had the sense to keep your phone out but don’t have a spare hand to find your car keys. Using the Tile Bluetooth tracker and app, you can send a signal to the lost keys. A loud tune will play until the keys have been found.

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