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Welcome to Asurion Home+ Entertainment

Coverage for your current and future entertainment tech. Need to start or manage a claim? Call an expert now.

Breaks happen, and we’re here to help

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Start a claim

Let us know what happened, and we’ll help you as fast as possible. [1]

Call 844-529-2692
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Track your claim status

Check your email for status updates, or call the number below at any time.

Call 844-529-2692

Expert support when you need it

A 5-star Asurion expert is ready to speak with you

Speak with an expert

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Call 844-529-2692
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Schedule a TV install

Have an expert install your TV for $99

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By calling us for tech support or to schedule a TV install, you agree to the Terms of Service.

When starting a claim

[1] If you’ve canceled your Asurion Home+® plan within the last 30 days and need to start a claim or have an active claim from your Asurion Home+® coverage period, call 844-529-2692. You may be eligible to start a claim under your Asurion Home+® plan.