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July 10th, 2023

DISH Taps Asurion for Smart Home Device Support and Protection

NASHVILLE, TENN, July 10, 2023 – Leading tech care and protection company Asurion announced today it has been chosen to provide protection and expert help services for DISH Network Corporation. The result of the partnership is OnTech Smart Home Protect, a customer focused membership program that provides access to a range of benefits that enhances members’ connected device experience and makes their life easier. 

“We are thrilled to be able to offer a service that provides our customers peace of mind when it comes to their connected electronic device purchases,” said Kevin Covell, Senior Vice President of Customer Retention and Marketing at DISH. “From troubleshooting malfunctions to protecting their tech personal devices, this service is a must for our valued customers' non-DISH equipment. With Asurion’s years of industry-leading experience, innovation and customer service, our customers can breathe easy knowing they have a service that has their back from the moment they enroll.” 

Benefits include: 

Device Protection: Don’t worry about unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions on your favorite connected devices. Membership includes comprehensive protection for eligible devices. We offer coverage against defects, ensuring members have worry-free and reliable smart home technology. 

24/7 Support: The well-being of our member’s connected devices is our top priority. They will receive round-the-clock support from Asurion’s dedicated team of experts. Whenever members encounter issues with their connected devices, need troubleshooting assistance, or have questions; we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone or chat. 

Discounts on Installations: Setting up smart home devices can be intimidating. Members receive discounted professional installation for their purchased smart home products. Expert technicians will take care of the setup, ensuring everything works seamlessly together. 

"We are honored that DISH has selected Asurion to provide home tech support and protection to its customers," said Jeff Connell, Asurion Senior Vice President of Client Services. “As DISH customers bring more and more tech into their homes, they want a single resource for help and protection – one simple membership, with no red tape.” 

To learn more about OnTech Smart Home Protect, visit the Asurion or OnTech website. 

About DISH

DISH Network Corporation is a connectivity company. Since 1980, it has served as a disruptive force, driving innovation and value on behalf of consumers. Through its subsidiaries, the company provides television entertainment and award-winning technology to millions of customers with its satellite DISH TV and streaming SLING TV services. In 2020, the company became a nationwide U.S. wireless carrier through the acquisition of Boost Mobile. DISH continues to innovate in wireless, building the nation's first virtualized, O-RAN 5G broadband network. DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) is a Fortune 200 company. 

About OnTech Smart Services

OnTech Smart Services L.L.C. is a smart home services brand launched by DISH in 2019. OnTech offers connected home devices and entertainment systems from the best smart home brands, with worry-free installation and consumer education services. Available direct-to-consumer and through select partners, OnTech leverages three decades of award-winning in-home expertise and professionally trained technicians, taking its services beyond DISH customers to deliver products and services to all consumers. Visit OnTech Smart Services L.L.C. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH). 

About Asurion

As the world’s leading tech care company, Asurion eliminates the fears and frustrations associated with technology, to ensure our 300 million customers get the most out of their devices, appliances and connections. We provide insurance, repair, replacement, installation and 24/7 support for everything from cellphones to laptops and household appliances. Our experts are available online, on the phone, at one of our more than 700 stores, or can even come to you.

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