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June 29th, 2020

Protect Your Phone from the ‘Summer Surge’

Global Tech Care Company Expects to See a Rise in Phone Mishaps as People Spend More Time Outside

People are increasingly turning to the great outdoors this summer to get fresh air while social distancing. While the outdoors may be a safer way to get active right now, it may put your phone in danger. Each summer, global tech care company Asurion sees an increase in lost or damaged phone claims during the months of June, July, and August, dubbing this period the “summer surge.”

Last year, Asurion saw an over 80% increase in water and liquid related claims during June, July and August compared to any other part of the year. If that doesn’t make you hold your phone tighter, Asurion also sees an increase in cracked screen claims by 10%, lost or misplaces phone claims by 17% and unrecoverable phone claims – driven by an increase in outdoor activities where phones are dropped where they cannot be not retrieved, like the bottom of a lake – by 68%.

But don’t fear. Asurion Tech Experts help millions of people keep their devices running smoothly each year, and are sharing the following tips to help keep your phone safe during the summer months:

  1. Avoid water damage by using a floating waterproof phone case
  2. Don’t put your phone in direct sunlight as it may overheat
  3. Add alternate contact information on the front of your locked screen to increase the chances of getting it back if it gets lost
  4. If your phone gets waterlogged, turn it off and remove any protective case. That old “rice trick” isn’t very reliable. Instead, try using silica gel packets. Fill a plastic zip-top bag with silica gel beads and bury the phone in the bag, leave it in there for 24-48 hours
    • Depending on the amount of water damage, this may only be a temporary fix, as exposure to water may eventually corrode the insides of your device. So be sure to transfer all your data to the cloud if you get it back up and running, in case water damage kills your phone for good
  5. If your phone needs to be repaired or replaced, Asurion protection plans through wireless carriers offers contactless, curbside repair or same day replacement options. Don’t have a protection plan? uBreakiFix stores across the country also offer contactless curbside repair options, and provide free diagnostics on all repairs, including water damage

About Asurion

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