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We go beyond fixes.

Keep your tech running longer with our additional services. Try a professional device cleaning for your phone, tablet, laptop, or game console—starting at just $29 + tax.

We offer expert cleaning services for the following devices:

Your phone is up to 10x dirtier than a toilet seat¹

Even worse? Your computer keyboard is up to 20,000x dirtier² . The good news is our experts can kill germs fast with professional tools that not only clean your device but also help enhance its overall performance. We’ll deep clean hard-to-reach crevices, blast away germs, and wipe your device down to make it shine. We’ll also diagnose any problems with your device—for no extra cost.

Improve performance

We’ll deep clean your ports and crevices to help boost sound output and power delivery.

Blast away germs

We’ll clean your device with a professional-strength solution to kill harmful viruses and bacteria.

Make it shine

We’ll wipe down your device to remove oil, residue, and smudge marks.

Say goodbye to dust and dirt and hello to performance

The dark, warm crevices inside your game console are a super magnet for airborne substances—including dust, dirt, pet fur, and food crumbs—all of which can lead to system failures over time (yikes). For only $99 + tax, our experts can remove dirt and grime from the inside out, so you spend less time battling build up and more time battling bad guys on your screen.

More services for more of your tech

  • Phone Battery Replacement with Screen Repair Phone giving up early in the day? A quick battery 
replacement can keep it lasting longer.

  • PC Tune-Up If your PC is sluggish, give it an easy pick-me-up with a PC tune-up—complete with driver updates, file decluttering, and more.

  • Tablet Data Back-Up Back up your valuable files and precious photos, so you never lose what’s important.

  • Game Console Drive Updates Don’t let a slow drive slow you down. We can repair a damaged drive and add any necessary updates and quick installations so you can get back in the game.

uBreakiFix by Asurion expert. 5 stars. Great communication and awesome service. Quote from Tavion H., Brentwood.

Get fast, convenient service you can trust

For over 25 years, Asurion has repaired and replaced the devices you rely on most, from TVs to game consoles, so you can get back up and running quickly. Our team has fixed over 14 million devices to date—with most repairs completed in 45 minutes or less. We also have a 1-year limited warranty on most repairs and a price match guarantee on all our work.

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1. Source: Emily Martin, “Your phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Here’s what to do about it,”, 2017

2. Source: Team Nuggets, “Bytes and Bacteria: Exposing the Germs on your Technology,”, 2016