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Asurion Tech Expert Ethan’s story

See why Ethan loves helping customers setup the latest cord-cutting technology in their home.

Asurion Video

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And I’m looking…directly in this one?

My name is Ethan Hudson and I’ve been with Asurion since May of 2015.

I assist customers with everyday tech support.

I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping someone see something through to the end.

I’m excited to help you learn something.

If you have something that connects to the internet, you call us, we’re going to help you set that up.

That’s where I thrive.

One of the things I really enjoy is helping someone set up like Roku TVs, or streaming sticks, or Amazon Fire sticks.

They’re coming from cable.

You know, these are cord-cutters.

They’re so overjoyed when you get it set up.

You plug it in, you help them sign in, and they’re like, so, do I just have everything now?

Like, it’s all just in front of me?

I can click on whatever I want and it immediately starts playing?

One particular one that stands out is I helped a woman, she found out Roku was the only way she could get access to this country music radio station and we found that they had a channel.

She was overjoyed!

I really lived vicariously through her and was happy that we were able to do that.

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