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Asurion Tech Expert Hannah's story

Learn how Hannah travels everyday to customers homes to setup and help them with their technology.

Asurion Video

Read Hannah’s video transcript

Hi, I’m Hannah, and I’m on the road every day delivering and setting up devices for customers.

Going into a customer’s home, that is very, very valuable.

We’re able to go ahead and set up their technology with them, we’re able to go ahead and connect with them, and make sure that they’re feeling good when we step out the door.

Definitely the most memorable set up I’ve ever done was with a legally blind woman, she was absolutely wonderful.

She was very, very worried about getting all of her information back onto her new phone.

We ended up going through a bunch of different accessibility options that she had no idea about on her iPhone.

So we did things like assistive touch, I put on a zoom feature.

She was so, so relieved that someone was able to walk through the steps with her, and take the time to understand.

She ended up crying at the end of the interaction. There’s nothing more relieving or satisfying than being able to give exactly what you want to give.

That’s why I do my job.

It makes me feel completely fulfilled.

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