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Asurion Tech Expert Marvin's story

Watch Marvin’s story of how he assisted a grieving widow recover photos and memories locked away in a phone she couldn’t access.

Asurion Video

Read Marvin’s video transcript

My name is Marvin Maldonado, I’m an Asurion Expert.

I work with customers over the phone, over chat, and in home.

Technology is something that is always going to change, so it’s hard to keep up.

Not everyone is into technology, so having someone there that’s your right-hand, it’s a big satisfaction to be able to assist with that.

One of the times that I was assisting one of my customers, her husband had passed away and she was not able to get into her phone.

They had a lot of shared files, they shared the same Apple ID.

She was feeling very upset.

Luckily I was on the phone that morning.

Her information was added to that Apple ID.

We walked through everything to where we were able to recover her pictures.

We were able to recover every memory that they had together on that phone.

I’m not a sensitive person, but I’ll be completely honest with you, it impacted so hard on me.

Pictures, at least to me…

Some people don’t see them as memories, some people do, and that right there showed me that people do care.

After that call, my whole day shifted.

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