Smart watch won't turn on

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy Watch won't turn on

If your Samsung Galaxy Watch is not turning on, there may be an issue with the watch battery or charger. Learn what steps to take to troubleshoot this issue.

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Dryer timer steps to fix

How to fix the timer on your dryer

A broken timer motor or a defective cycling thermostat can cause a dryer timer to stop moving. Learn from Asurion Experts how to troubleshoot and fix these issues.

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Samsung phone charging

Why won't my Samsung Galaxy charge?

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 isn't charging, there could be an issue with the battery, charging port, or charger. Learn how to troubleshoot and fix it.

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Man looking at Android phone that won't ring

How to fix an Android phone that won't ring

When your Android phone isn't ringing during incoming calls, you may be able to fix it by adjusting volume settings, disabling silent mode or other methods.

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Man screenshot on Fire tablet

How to take a screenshot on your Fire tablet

Asurion Experts explain how to easily take a screenshot on your Amazon Fire™ tablet.

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Vacuum dryer vent

How to clean a dryer vent

Cleaning out your dryer's vent is an important part of keeping your appliance running at its best. We'll show you how.

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Screenshot on Mac

How to screenshot on your laptop

Whether you're using Windows or a Mac, our experts will help you take a screenshot on your laptop.

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Woman loading laundry into noisy washing machine

Why your washer is making banging sounds on the spin cycle

Asurion Experts explain why your washer may be making loud noises during its spin cycle and walk you through how to fix it.

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