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Tech Tips

Our experts help keep you connected and get the most out of your gadgets.

Person pointing TV remote at Samsung TV apps that aren't working

What to do if your Samsung TV apps aren't working

If you're dealing with Samsung Smart TV apps that suddenly stopped working, Asurion Experts will show you how to solve the issue.

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Person updating drivers on laptop

How to update computer drivers—and why you need to

Discover why keeping your computer up to date is important and get step-by-step instructions on how to update drivers.

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Person using tablet camera to take photo

What to do if your tablet camera is not working

Learn what to do if your digital tablet camera suddenly stops working.

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LG TV Wi-Fi connection

How to turn on Wi-Fi on LG TV

Asurion Experts show you how to easily set up Wi-Fi on your LG smart TV.

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What to do if your Ring doorbell won't connect to Wi-Fi

Asurion Experts walk you through how to troubleshoot a Ring doorbell that won't connect to your Wi-Fi.

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Person holding Google Pixel with Bluetooth not working on it

What to do if your Google Pixel's Bluetooth is not working

Is the Bluetooth on your Google Pixel not working? Asurion Experts are here to help.

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Woman with new laptop

What to look for in a new laptop

Asurion Experts break down what to prioritize when you're shopping for your next laptop.

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Cracked Nintendo Screen after falling down stairs

Broken or cracked Nintendo Switch screen: should you fix it on your own?

Asurion Experts walk you through what to consider before trying a DIY repair on your cracked Nintendo Switch screen.

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