Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plus Raises the Bar for Device Security

Having your phone lost or stolen can ruin anyone’s day – and protecting your information when that happens is vital – but what about protecting your phone and its data while using it every day? The same type of protection employed for your PC – backing up photos and data, keeping away nasty viruses, and having access to your own personal tech expert – also applies to your phone.Today Sprint (NYSE: S) announced the availability of Total Equipment Protection (TEP) Plus, a comprehensive protection service for your device, data and virtually any connection to it. TEP Plus combines a customer’s existing TEP coverage – which includes protection from loss, theft, damage and device malfunction – and adds built-in antivirus security, automatic backup of photos and videos, and one-click access to a tech expert for premium device support.No other carrier offers the same amount of comprehensive coverage for devices – all for $13 per month per device.

“Our customers deserve to have as many options as possible to help them feel protected when they use their phone,” said Jaime Jones, senior vice president – Consumer Sales. “With TEP Plus, for just $2 more a month than our TEP service, our customers can have all-in-one phone and data protection that secures their device and optimizes its performance. This is one way we can offer peace of mind to our customers and hopefully make their lives a little easier when they need Sprint’s help.”


Sprint Protect app powered by Asurion

TEP Plus includes a newly upgraded Sprint Protect app powered by Asurion that features automatic backup of contacts, photos and videos and built-in security with enhanced features that guard against viruses, optimize battery use, and monitor access by third-party apps. Specifically, the app will assist Sprint customers to:

  • Automatically back up and secure data*
  • Identify threats with built-in antivirus and privacy protection*
  • Access monitoring and optimization tools to maximize battery life and improve a phone’s overall performance* (Android only)
  • Remotely find a phone from the secure web portal using GPS or lock and erase personal information from a missing phone (lock is Android only)
  • Provide one-click direct access to a tech expert for premium support to address any smartphone issue – no matter how simple or complex.*


* Some features may not be available for all devices. For a complete list of features, go to sprint.com/protection.

Sprint customers who currently use the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App (and have Android 4.0 phones and above) will now be able to migrate to the upgraded Sprint Protect app. Total Equipment Protection customers will still be able to access their recovery features at sprint.com/protection.

“When a customer is without their smartphone or can’t use it in the way they want, it’s stressful and frustrating,” said Chuck Naylor, vice president and general manager at Asurion. “Asurion is proud to collaborate with Sprint to deliver an outstanding protection product to eliminate that frustration for Sprint customers. I know my life is on my phone, and the same is true for millions of others. Today’s announcement is about keeping Sprint customers connected in all the ways they want to be.”

Customers currently enrolled in Total Equipment Protection may upgrade to Total Equipment Protection Plus at any time with an eligible device by calling 1-800-584-3666.

To enroll in Total Equipment Protection Plus, customers must have a higher-tier device. To view a complete list of higher-tier devices eligible for TEP Plus, visit www.phoneclaim.com/sprint/deductible. The website schedule is updated regularly to include new models.

The following are key attributes of Sprint TEP Plus:

Replace It

  • Device ProtectionCustomers receive coverage for loss, theft, damage and malfunction, potentially saving hundreds of dollars on a new replacement device.
  • Next-day ReplacementGetting customers reconnected is a priority. If their phone is lost, stolen, or damaged, they will receive a replacement device next day (in most cases).
  • Hassle FreeFor claims involving lost, stolen or damaged devices, customers can file a claim online 24/7. For mechanical or electrical phone failures, customers can visit a Sprint Phone Repair Center and receive the first two repair/exchange transactions at no additional charge. (After these first two transactions a $25 service fee applies for any future transaction within a 12-month period.)


Secure It

  • RecoveryCustomers can find their phone using GPS and remotely lock or erase a missing phone to protect personal information. They can easily restore their content to a replacement device, so data is always safe—even if their device isn’t.


Sprint Protect App powered by Asurion

  • Automatic BackupCustomers can set their phone for automatic backup of contacts, photos and videos to a secure TEP portal. This will also allow customers to easily restore data to a new device.
  • Built-In SecurityEnhanced features include anti-virus protection, as well as helping customers protect their privacy by finding out what apps on their phone have access to their personal information. Customers are also able to maximize their battery performance with monitoring and optimization tools so they can see which apps are draining their battery.


Support It

  • Tech ExpertWith only one click customers can call or chat online with a tech expert for premium support of any issue or question about their phone and virtually any connection to it. Tech experts can help with any question about a device from third-party apps to printing from a mobile phone.
  • On-Device SupportTech experts will co-pilot customers through the experience of setup or troubleshooting, including help connecting a phone to other devices, such as computers, TVs, cars or gaming systems. Finally, with customer permission, a tech expert can remotely login to a phone to do the work for the customer.
  • Online Device TutorialsFor those customers who want to help themselves, we have also provided access to online tools specific to their device. They can read all about connectivity and advanced setup to complete the process or find answers to questions themselves.


About Asurion

For two decades, Asurion has been the global leader in technology protection. Today, as everyday life becomes increasingly dependent on such technology, Asurion keeps 280 million consumers’ lives up and running. The company provides premier support that enables users to fully utilize their digital devices and products; applications to protect privacy and provide security; and rapid replacement of lost, stolen, damaged, or malfunctioning devices. Asurion’s global team of over 14,000 employees supports the top wireless companies, retailers and service providers, enabling those companies to focus on their core businesses. When a product is missing or simply doesn’t work properly, Asurion solves the problem with a system that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, speaks six languages, and works across any device, platform, or provider. For more information about Asurion, including customer service ratings and reviews, please visit www.asurion.com.

About Sprint

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