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Asurion is a Diversity Game Changer

Asurion is a Diversity Game Changer

Asurion is the proud recipient of the Nashville Tech Council’s 2018 Diversity Game Changer award. The recognition is for “making an outstanding and successful effort to improve and promote cultural diversity through collaborative processes,” a description that embodies Asurion’s core values to a T.

Asurion Diversity Team Quote

Asurion recognizes that attracting, developing, and retaining diverse talent is crucial to the success of the business and its employees.

In order to create “wow” experiences for our customers, we first have to understand their needs and preferences. This can’t be accomplished through data and research alone. We assemble diverse teams and encourage a variety of perspectives to ensure our products and services deliver what our customers want. In turn, our employees are empowered and more likely to reach success when working in a team that is diverse in perspective, experience, and thought.

Simply put: a diverse workforce puts more great ideas on the table.

So, how does Asurion gain (and retain) the Diversity Game Changer title? By putting words into action.

Here are just a few ways Asurion puts diversity and inclusion at the forefront of company-wide conversations:

  • commUnity, Asurion’s diversity and inclusion initiative, is committed to ensuring that all employees feel valued and have a genuine opportunity to thrive and excel within the company. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) seek to unify Asurion employees with common interests for networking, mentorship, problem solving, and volunteerism.
  • In 2017, we invested heavily in educating leaders and employees about the importance of diversity and existence of unconscious bias in hiring and ongoing employment processes.
  • We’ve implemented roles within the organization that are dedicated solely to the attraction and retention of a diverse workforce.

In 2018, we’re committed to building on this foundation in the following ways:

  • Strategically building a pipeline of diverse talent and i**mplementing improvements to our hiring process** that encourage more diversity flowing into our company.
  • Continuing to build out the Diversity & Inclusion team to ensure we are staffed to support Asurion’s aggressive goals.
  • Analyzing benchmarking data to diagnose specific challenges within individual organizations and/or geographies, and prescribe targeted solutions.
  • Growing the commUnity program by supporting the launch of additional ERGs.
  • Engaging the more than 1,300 Asurion employees who joined “commUnity” in 2017 as ambassadors for diversity and inclusion. By using the #BeBold theme throughout 2018, we will host events, campaigns and contests that keep our current base involved, in-the-know and excited to spread our message of overcoming bias and driving a better workplace for all employees.
  • Continuing to educate our leaders and teams on the reality of unconscious bias through a variety of educational forums, including web-based training and live events and focus groups.

Asurion has over 16,000 employees in 53 locations around the world, with our global headquarters in Nashville, TN. Click here for career opportunities.

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