Is Your Cellphone Protected?

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Is Your Cellphone Protected?

The following is an excerpt from a post by Melissa who originally wrote this for her blog, Stockpiling Moms, a guide to savvy living. 


“Have you ever lost or damaged your cell phone? If you have dropped it in water I am sure you tried to save it in a bowl of rice. 9 times of out 10 that method doesn’t work. Years ago my niece was learning to swim and she accidentally fell into the deep end of my parents pool. My husband had just walked into the back yard when it happened. His response – jump into the pool to save her. He of course was fully dressed – with his cell phone in his pocket. The good news. My niece starting treading water and then began swimming safely to the side. The bad news, my husbands phone was soaked. What is funny is we all began cheering her on (including him from the pool). After he got out he realized his phone was in his pocket. He tried the rice trick with no luck. $400+ dollars later he replaced his phone.

I am sure that many of you are giving expensive cell phones for Christmas gifts and I suggest that you buy insurance when you buy new phones as gifts. Replacing your holiday gift can be time consuming and expensive, with the average retail price of a smartphone being $485. As a Savvy Shopper… ”

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