Job Shadow Day

Life at Asurion

In November 2015, Asurion invited 13 students from KIPP Academy to participate in a Job Shadow Day in our San Mateo, California office. Over the course of the day, students received an overview of Asurion and broke into teams to learn the beginning stages of creating an app. Each team sketched out their ideas and pitched their concepts to the group at the end of the day. Once each presentation was complete, each team voted for their favorite app and the winning team received a prize.

  • Crono (Winning Team): A time management app that would allow teachers to sign up their classes and provide due dates to students. A student would then be able to set goals throughout the assignment or project.
  • Assistfy: A tutoring app to allow a single user or a teacher to sign up their class. A user could choose a subject they need help with and the app would enable them to view videos or lessons, as well as chat with a tutor. It would also enable them to have phone conversations, send pictures back and forth, or use a chat function.
  • PlayMix: This is a personal DJ app, which users would use to build their own playlists and edit them, setting them apart from their competitors. The app would have seamless transitions between songs (using BPM to stitch things together), eliminating any lag time between songs. They would also be able to publicly or privately share, the playlists that they created, and would also be able to broadcast other users close by.
  • Vocalz: This app is for and would be free to aspiring artists. A paid option would be available for producers and booking agents. An artist would be able to upload clips of them singing, viewers would be able to listen for 15 seconds, like the sound bites, and share the clips. Viewers could then book the singer/group directly through the app and the app would receive 50% of the booking price.

The day was a great learning experience for the KIPP students and also for our Asurion team members, with encouraging comments heard throughout the day, such as “Save a job for this kid!” and “Leave a position open for me!”