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Our creative startup culture fuels passion in Tel Aviv

Asurion Tel Aviv Team

Technology transforms our lives in amazing ways. As it changes, our promise is to make customers' experiences with their tech easy and fun. That's why we're here.

Our Tel Aviv team

Asurion has locations all over the world, and while every office has their own unique culture, we pride ourselves on operating as one team. Our team in Tel Aviv, for example, works hand-in-hand with our offices in California, Tennessee and Virginia every day to develop our simple, helpful, and intuitive service. Tel Aviv's team is made up of developers, product managers, product designers, data scientists, and more, all working toward the same goal — ensuring we're helping customers get everything they want and more from their technology.

Asurion Our Tel Aviv Team

A creative startup culture

We're very proud of our open, collaborative, and fun work environment in Tel Aviv. From the start, our teams have a clear understanding of what their goals are, and are given the freedom to accomplish them. Teams can call their own shots, and are supported by their leaders to take ownership.

That freedom fuels a passion that comes from knowing their work is shaping new products and driving innovation. We work in small groups, which allow them to adjust and pivot quickly based on results. So quickly, in fact, on one project they provided updated versions based on new results every 24 to 36 hours.

Our engaging culture is one aspect that sets us apart from bigger companies. And people are starting to notice. In 2018, we were named one of the best tech companies to work for in Israel.

We're big enough to accomplish a lot, while still keeping that startup feel. We also have a BYOD policy: bring your own dog to work, if you like.

Asurion Tel Aviv Bring Your Dog to Work

Learning is contagious

We're never sitting still with our technology. We're constantly challenging ourselves and each other to stretch and grow. That desire to learn and share knowledge extends beyond just our team.

As we grow, we want our community to grow with us. In 2016, we began hosting meetups open to anyone in the community interested in learning more about technology. With the goal of being the go-to hub for tech people in the area, we held two events that first year. Jump to 2019, we expect to host more than 80!

Asurion Tel Aviv Community Technology Event

Making an impact

One organization we hold near and dear to our hearts in Tel Aviv is She Codes, which is dedicated to helping women integrate into and advance within the high-tech world. There are more than 30 She Codes branches across Israel – one of which we proudly host within our building.

Women make up nearly half of our Tel Aviv leadership team. Our leaders are motivated to help others along, increasing the number of females in the tech community. On Tuesdays, they take time out of their day to help shape the developers of tomorrow.

When a woman walks into our office, they look around and see female developers, engineers, and more — they see it's possible to carve out a career path in tech.

Asurion Tel Aviv Team Diversity

Unlock possibilities

We all play a role in achieving our promise to simplify tech for our customers, so they can experience all of its possibilities.

For our Tel Aviv team, this means continuing to work with teams across the company to discover new ways to meet our customers where they are, in the moments that matter.