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Introducing Simplr: Customer service outsourcing made easy

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Asurion is pleased to introduce Simplr, a customer service outsourcing platform. Simplr is an easy and affordable way for small businesses, eCommerce sites, and startups to access quality customer service support.

Asurion values good customer service. As a result, we’ve won many awards for customer experience and innovation. Simplr is our way of delivering best-in-class customer support to smaller businesses in high growth mode. 

Driven by our culture of ideas, the company launches “Venture Teams” to help share our customer service best practices. As a result, team members discover out-of-the-box ways to spin the company’s assets and passions into a great business that delivers a fantastic customer experience.

High quality. Low cost. No contracts.

Enter: Simplr, a company that helps smaller businesses and eCommerce sites with an amazing, affordable, and U.S.-based customer service solution.

Simplr puts customer service best practices into action, which frees entrepreneurs to do what they do best — disrupt, innovate, and grow their businesses. They can do all that while knowing that their most important asset – their customers – are being well cared for.


Are you thinking about customer service outsourcing?

Simplr came together out of personal frustration of having to wait hours or even days for an unhelpful response. In a world where you can order a ride in minutes and packages are delivered in hours, shouldn’t help always be a click away?

We are a group of innovators, engineers, entrepreneurs and design thinking minds focused on delivering the highest rated customer service with the fastest response times.

Read more of the Simplr story here. Additionally, if you’re looking for customer service outsourcing for your business, Simplr offers free trials. 

Asurion is building the products that support our partners and deliver an exceptional customer experience.