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DIY repair options are growing – here’s what you need to know

By Dave Barbuto, CEO of uBreakiFix by Asurion, which is rebranding to Asurion Tech Repair and Solutions in 2022

By Dave Barbuto, CEO of uBreakiFix by Asurion which is rebranding to Asurion Tech Repair and SolutionsEver considered fixing your own phone? The do-it-yourself tech repair market is growing, with some popular phone manufacturers getting in on the action. As a company that believes deeply in device repair as a favorable option for both people and planet, we’re excited for people to have even more choice in how to deal with broken or aging tech. 

DIY repair has been around for years, though mostly reserved for skilled techies who enjoy the challenge of tinkering with their own devices. As DIY repair offerings grow, however, more people might find themselves wanting to try their hand at self-service tech repair. 

Based on our experience with millions of repairs, most often DIY repair is best suited for those with knowledge and experience working with electronic devices and is not the most practical solution for the average phone user. That’s not meant to deter anyone from trying it. Rather, before jumping in we want to ensure that aspiring DIYers fully understand their repair options to make an informed decision that works for them. 

If you’re ready to tackle your own repair, we support you – and we’re to help. Our repair experts have fixed 75 million devices to date, and we expect we’ll help another 5 million customers fix their tech this year. We’re here for you, to fix your device start-to-finish or if you just need a little help completing your DIY effort.  

The road to repair looks different for everyone. Next time your phone hits the asphalt or your battery life starts to shrink, here are a few factors to consider before committing to an at-home fix: 

First things first: Back up your device 

Whether you’re going to go it alone or take it to a repair shop, back up your device. This will ensure all your photos, data, videos, contacts and files are saved in case your DIY repair takes a bad turn. If your phone has already stopped working and won’t power on, your best bet (and likely the easiest on your wallet) is to come by a store for a free, no-obligation diagnostic assessment.  

Technical knowledge and tools 

From working with tech devices day-in and day-out, we can attest to the training and expertise needed for safe and successful repairs. If you don’t have much experience fixing electronics, a DIY repair can be very challenging. The good news: If you get stuck or overwhelmed repairing your own tech, we’re happy to help you finish the job. 

Common DIY customer issues include losing small phone components or simply getting confused by the instructions. Customers walking into one of our uBreakiFix® by Asurion stores with a DIY gone wrong are easy to spot. They walk in with what we call “bag phones” – a phone and various components in a plastic baggie. We help put those pieces back together to make that phone as good as new again. We also help customers who have completed the repair, but their phone isn’t working quite right. 

As user-friendly as most of today’s devices are, they’re still complex bits of machinery. Many devices have touch and biometric sensors connected to the screens, making them even more complicated to fix. If you’re not experienced in tech repair, there are some common pitfalls that might trip you up. Maybe you forgot to ground yourself and static electricity fried your device’s circuitry. Or your phone still isn’t working because you were unknowingly treating the symptom and not the true cause of the issue.  

That brings us to tools. Unless you work on electrical equipment, you probably don’t have the necessary tools laying around. (Those tweezers in your bathroom, while handy, might not be right for technical repairs.) From precision screwdrivers made specifically for small, intricate parts to tweezers designed to hold electrical components, ensuring you have the right tools will help prevent you bringing in a “bag phone.” 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it! Tech devices are big investments, and we’re here to help you repair them successfully so you don’t have to replace them. 


When you’re working with shattered glass, heat tools and batteries, there’s always an inherent safety risk. 

With battery replacements, for example, if the battery is accidentally punctured or otherwise compromised, it can easily catch fire or combust – something most people won’t want to contend with. With shattered screens on smartphones or tablets, broken glass can get everywhere. The last thing you want is to cut your hand, step on a piece of glass or harm your pets or loved ones with rogue shards on tables, floors, furniture or clothing. It’s important to prepare a safe workspace – and also prepare yourself mentally to stay calm and contain any hazards that might arise. 

Financial Investment 

With DIY repair, are you in a position to pay for professional repair service, or – worst-case scenario – to buy a new phone if yours is damaged during an at-home fix? All uBreakiFix® by Asurion stores offer a warranty on repairs, meaning if anything isn’t working properly after we’ve worked on your phone, we’ll fix it for free – one of the key, practical benefits of professional repair. 

Of course, sometimes when a device breaks a replacement is the best option. Who doesn’t love getting a fancy new gadget? But it can be a financial hit to upgrade. The next time your tech breaks, is running slow or acting up, we want you to know you have options for getting that device back up and running without mortgaging your future. 

Dave Barbuto is CEO of uBreakiFix by Asurion, which specializes in the repair of small electronics, ranging from smartphones, game consoles, tablets, computers, and everything in between. uBreakiFix by Asurion is rebranding to Asurion Tech Repair and Solutions in 2022. 

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