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Protecting your home tech has never been easier

Smart home technology Asurion Home Plus

The gadgets we love aren’t cheap. Research shows the average U.S. household has invested nearly $5,000 in connected home technology. And when these devices stop working or break down, it can be costly—unless you have the right protection. 

Just ask Domenique Owens. He’s a Nevada-based tech expert for Asurion®, a company that’s spent decades protecting millions of personal tech devices. Every day, Owens helps people do everything from setting up their smart TV to connecting it with streaming services like Disney+™. So he’s seen firsthand just how often people call in about smart home devices. “I’ve been the type of customer myself,” he says. “I buy a new TV, and I'm like, ‘Oh, I don't need the insurance.’ And then something happens.” 

When the unexpected occurs, most people aren't prepared—especially when it comes to home tech. You can buy individual warranties for every device in your home. But that adds up—and keeping track of what's covered and what's not can be a nightmare.

How to protect your favorite home devices

There is, however, an easy solution, Owens says: Asurion Home+™, a new service that covers all your favorite home tech with one simple plan. There are no receipts, registration forms or expiration dates to remember. For just $24.99 a month, you get reliable device protection and tech help for past and future purchases—plus the comfort of knowing that Owens and the Asurion Home+ team have your back. “It really is the last warranty you'll ever need," he says. “And that's really comforting."

What does Asurion Home+ cover?

Asurion Home+ covers many of life's mishaps, like cracked screens, drops and spills on portable devices like laptops, tablets and smartwatches. It also covers breakdowns caused by defects, normal wear and tear, dust, heat and humidity. The goal is to make sure the thousands of dollars you've invested in smart home technology don't go to waste.

“Anything you can think of that runs electronically or on Wi-Fi, it's what we're here to do," says Angel Lozano.

He's an expert in Texas who has worked for Asurion for eight years and has helped tens of thousands of customers with their tech. For some, that means connecting their printer or improving their Wi-Fi security. For others, it involves troubleshooting the most difficult issues on all the gadgets in their home.“ As technology's been growing, I've been growing with it," he says. “Once I know what you need, then I can kind of guide you in the direction of which way to go."

And that's what all our experts do—provide personalized tech help whenever you need it. Asurion Home+ customers not only get 24/7 tech support online or over the phone, they also get in-person help at any of Asurion's uBreakiFix® stores for computer tune-ups, virus removal, anti-virus software installation and data transfer—at no additional cost. “They're really shocked that they have just a 24-hour network of people that can help them in any aspect," Owens says, “from syncing Alexa® to even touching base with their hubs or their smart TVs." Learn about Asurion Home+ straight from our Experts:

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And all from a network that nearly 300 million people trust with their technology. For the past 25 years, Asurion has protected hundreds of millions of personal devices and provided customers with fast, reliable support, repairs and replacement devices. Now the company is doing the same for nearly all the tech in their homes.

As Owens puts it: “We're the white glove service of technology."

Tech is expensive. Protect it all.

Asurion Home+ is now available directly at any uBreakiFix® by Asurion or Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions™ store nationwide. Plus, you are able to add Asurion Home+ to all of your Amazon purchases.  Visit to sign up or learn more about our service.  

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