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20 Work-Life Balance Apps You Shouldn’t Live Without

Is there any such thing as work-life balance these days? It’s certainly becoming more and more of a challenge to separate work from personal life living in the digital age. Many of our vacations have actually become ‘workcations,’ where we are logging in remotely from a sandy beach or aboard a cruise.  Could there ever be more of a balance?  Check out one or more of these apps to help you keep all the balls in the air.


Big Day (Free for Android and iOS)
Big Day allows you to remember and track your past and future events. The built-in countdown offers a daily reminder so you can plan things comfortably well ahead of time.

Cozi Family Organizer (Free for Android and iOS)
Manage family members’ schedules, appointments and activities and sync them up with your Google calendar with this popular app, ensuring that you’ll always be able to make time for family.

MedHelper (Free for Android and iOS)
Take care of yourself with the help of MedHelper, which keeps tracks of your prescriptions and medical appointments and alerts you when your drugs are running low or it’s time for a checkup.


Focus Booster (Free for Android)
Based on the highly regarded Pomodoro technique, Focus Booster is an app that can better assist you in tracking your time spent on any one task.

Splashtop Remote Desktop (Available at various price points depending on your usage for Android and iOS)  The Splashtop Remote Desktop app unglues you from your desk by allowing you to access all you PC or Mac files and programs from a smartphone or tablet.

Timeneye (Free for Android and iOS)
An attractive time-tracking app that monitors how much time you’re spending on any one activity, easily sync-able with other time management software such as Basecamp, Trello, and Google Calendar.

ATracker (Free for iOS)

TimeTune (Free for Android)
These two apps do essentially the same thing, in that they track your routine and offer data on how you’re spending your days. Perfect for those wanting to make a move toward increased sanity.


Inby (Free for Android and iOS)
Get caught up on the latest sales, promotions, and events taking place in your area with Inby. Not only does it keep you informed of what’s going on at the big box stores, but also small businesses and local restaurants.

Slice (Free for Android and iOS)
This handy e-mail add-on trawls your inbox to find and collect all online order receipts and store them in one place. Perfect for tracking packages or tallying up that weekly budget.


PIP Stress Tracker (Free for Android and iOS)
Kick stress to the curb with the PIP Stress Tracker app, which records your stress level during the day, and even identifies your biggest stress triggers with its helpful “insights” tool.

Simply Yoga (Free for Android and iOS)
Squeeze in a 10, 20, 40, or 60-minute yoga session wherever you are with Simply Yoga. The app will walk you through each pose, and even customize a session just for you.

Way of Life (Free for iOS)
Get to know yourself better by examining your habits, good and bad. Way of Life enables you to plot daily and weekly goals and track whether you’re meeting them via simple bar charts and trend lines.


Dragon Dictation/Dragon Mobile Assistant (Free for Android and iOS)
Give your thumbs a rest with the free Dragon Dictation (Dragon Mobile Assistant if you’re on an Android phone), which composes text messages based on voice input. It also works the other way, turning text to speech by reading your text messages to you.

Waze (Free for Android and iOS)
Never be late again with this free mapping, traffic, and navigation app, which keeps up with happenings on the road in real time, allowing you to avoid traffic jams or losing your way.

PayByPhone (Free for Android and iOS)
Never fill the meter again with PayByPhone! Just enter your vehicle’s license plate, location, and how you long you’d like to park and this app will ensure you’re covered. Best of all, you can extend your parking time with a quick point and click.

Evernote (Free for Android and iOS)
This multi-purpose note-taking app operates in an entirely digital workspace to store files, links, images, notes, and audio recordings, allowing for easy organization and collaboration with others.

IF by IFTTT (Free for Android and iOS)
Share content from Facebook to Twitter without the usual points and clicks with IF by IFTTT (If This Then That), which  allows your apps to talk with each other, thus helping you to avoid repetitive actions throughout a given day.

SignEasy (Free for Android and iOS)
Whether you’re allowing your child to go on a school field trip or refinancing your mortgage, SignEasy lets you sign documents in pretty much any format you can think of via your smartphone.

LogMeIn (Free for Android and iOS)
Get easy remote access to multiple devices with the LogMeIn app. Its interface allows viewing and manages different systems from your screen.