6 Tips on Preventing Smartphone Injuries to Your Hands

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6 Tips on Preventing Smartphone Injuries to Your Hands

Ouch! Is your thumb a little sore? How about that pinky finger? It has become pretty common to notice a little soreness from time to time—when you’ve been using your smartphone a lot.

As smartphones have gotten bigger, and we use them more, we’re also more likely to notice that our fingers begin to protest. Remember to use these tips to protect your hands from harm:

  1. Don’t overuse your smartphone. It sounds simple, but it works! Use your phone when you need it, but if you find yourself mindlessly checking Facebook for the third time in an hour, it’s probably time for a break.
  2. Watch your thumb motion. Think about how you use your thumbs every day. Most of us move our thumbs in a completely different way when we’re using our smartphones than when we do almost anything else.
  3. Use two hands with your phone. Hold in one, and use your other index finger to type or swipe.
  4. Put the phone down. Put the phone on the table and type with an index finger.
  5. Talk it out. Use voice control whenever possible instead of swiping and typing.
  6. Listen up. Use a Bluetooth or corded headset (that coordinates with voice control) so you don’t have to cramp your hand or neck holding your phone.

If your fingers or hands start to hurt, back off your smartphone use for a little while, and ice your hand to help ease pain or swelling. If your fingers don’t feel better soon, check with your doctor.