Caring for your game console

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Caring for your game console

We don’t often think about taking care of the appliances and electronics in our homes. Modern technology is often pretty plug-and-play: You usually don’t have to hold your tongue right or coddle today’s household machines to get them to work.

However, a little neglect can lead to the early demise of appliances or electronics. Taking a few simple steps can keep them running longer—and if you’ve invested in a modern gaming console, you want to get your money’s worth.

We don’t know any secrets to help you win more often, but these insider tips can help you keep your gaming console in tip-top shape for a long life:

  • Always plug your gaming console into a surge protector, to help avoid damage caused by power fluctuations.
  • Set your console up where it will have plenty of ventilation, and with plenty of space between it and other electronics that generate heat.
  • Keep it free of dust and dirt. Give your gaming console a regular swipe with a soft cloth, but don’t use cleaning solutions on it.
  • Don’t put food or beverages where they could spill on your console.
  • Clear your cache and memory periodically to keep your machine running efficiently. (That helps maintain the hard drive and memory).

By maintaining your game console with these easy tips, you could spare yourself the awful feeling your console crashing just as you are about to storm the castle.