Hack Your Halloween with 6 High-Tech Costumes

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Hack Your Halloween with 6 High-Tech Costumes

Fabric, cardboard, glitter, and glue—the vast majority of all Halloween costumes are made from these materials. Nothing wrong with the oldies but goodies, but you can separate yourself from the low-tech pack with these six high-tech Halloween costume ideas.

Light-Up Wings

Light-Up Wings

If your little one wants to be a fairy this Halloween—or a bumblebee or Tinkerbell—take the standard glitter-riddled costume up a notch by attaching some battery-powered LEDs to the wings. It’s not difficult to advance the project by hooking the LEDs up to a LilyPad Arduino to create a blinking or fading effect. And the added safety of a light-up Halloween costume doesn’t hurt.

“Lady Gaga” Video Glasses

Lady Gaga Video Glasses

Take a pair of dark sunglasses that you’re at peace with never wearing again. Attach a digital picture frame keychain, loaded up with a slideshow, to each lens. You may need to practice pressing the ON buttons at the same time since there’s no way to sync the slideshows. Warning: You won’t be able to actually see through these glasses, so be careful when showing them off!

Fiber Optic Dress

Fiber Optic Dress

Is there any high-tech Halloween costume more versatile than a dress that lights up? Be a Martian, a fairy, sexy astronaut, pixie, ghost—the possibilities are endless. Added bonus: If designed correctly, the fiber optics look pretty awesome simply as a functionally futuristic dress.

Light-Up Leggings

Light Up Leggings

Do you find yourself bare-legged this Halloween? Shiver no more with these easy-to-make light-up leggings! (They’ll also look great when you’re dancing.) Pretty much all you need is a pair of sturdy leggings, a dozen or so LEDs, a needle, and conducive thread.

Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Person or Minnie Mouse Costume


You might remember the popular 2013 viral video of a toddler running around in the dark, looking for all the world like a glowing stick figure. Last year, glowing Minnie Mouse ears were added.

3-D Printed Masks

3D Printed Mask

If you’ve already got a strong Halloween costume in mind, but are looking for the perfect high-tech touch, these Mardi Gras-style 3-D printed masks, available for both male and female faces, might be just what was needed. Best of all, the masks are free—so long as you have access to a 3-D printer.