Most Popular Resolution of 2015

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Most Popular Resolution of 2015

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with our New Year’s resolutions, if we even make them at all. The fresh start of a New Year brings excitement and motivation, but eventually laziness creeps in and we’re back to our old bad habits.

A recent Asurion survey shows that 53% of Americans made a resolution on January 1, and about half of them (47%) will stick with it for less than three months.

So what are the most popular resolutions?

·         66% plan to get fit by exercising more and eating better

·         58% of resolutions are money or budget related

·         44% vow a lifestyle change, like travelling more or increasing their charity work

·         25% are getting organized in 2015!

Did you make a resolution this year? Do you think you can stick with it for 364 more days?