Plan Your Wedding On Your Smartphone

Tech Tips

digital wedding planning

Are congratulations in order? If you’re planning a wedding over the next year or so, you’re in luck—your smartphone can make it easier than ever to collaborate and stay organized. Long gone are the days of carrying around the jumbo binder with magazine clippings and swatches. Try these apps and tips for smooth, stress-free planning:

Finding and Sharing Ideas

Pinterest App

If Pinterest wasn’t created for planning a wedding, we can’t tell. Snap and save photos of ideas you like, or scroll through other people’s wedding ideas, and store them all in one place. Download free for Android and iOS.

Instagram App

Also consider browsing Instagram for inspiration, by searching for photos by hashtag. Popular hashtag searches include #bridalinspiration, #weddingphotgrapher and #weddingdress. And don’t forget to search according to your wedding’s location too. Look up photos tagged at your venue of choice, or search hashtags like #newyorkwedding or #seattlewedding for local ideas. “Like” and screenshot what you like to keep pics organized as you go (free for Android and iOS).

Make a Note

Evernote App

Many of us are use collaborative task lists or project management tools at work on a regular basis, and there’s no reason you can’t improve your wedding planning with one of those apps, too. If you’re already an Evernote (free for Android and iOS) buff, you can share your notebooks with your partner, wedding planner, or maid of honor.

Trello App

Trello (free for Android or iOS) is an even simpler interface to learn-as-you-go if you’re new to this kind of software.

WeddingHappy App

Then there’s WeddingHappy (free for iOS) which is like having a wedding planner in your pocket, that will remind you when it’s time to begin research on a specific aspect of the wedding such as when you should book the DJ or florist.

theknot App

And of course wedding-focused planning solutions like The Knot (free for Android and iOS) are very popular because they allow you to use the same tool to keep everything together, and even help you build a website to ensure your guests are up-to-date with all the info they’ll need.

Thoughtful Gifts

Zola App

Wedding registries have undergone an overhaul in the past few years, with charitable donations and first-home-nest-eggs popular alongside traditional gifts of dishes and flatware. Use an app like Zola(free at and iOS) to manage all of the above in one place.

Staying in Touch

GroupMe App

You probably have a core team who needs to be kept up to date, perhaps your attendants or family members. A group-messaging app like GroupMe (free for Android and iOS) helps you keep everyone in the loop.

Appy Couple App

Appy Couple (free for iOS and Android) allows brides and grooms to design a wedding website to share with family and friends, as well as keep their wedding guests aware of plans for the big day. Additional features include photo sharing, RSVP management and travel accommodation assistance.

Stress-Free Planning

Calm App

For those days when it all seems like too much, try Calm (free for Android and iOS) to de-stress and focus on the big picture. Your wedding should be a celebration of your lifelong partnership, not an over-the-top party that kills you both.

Collecting Memories

Capsule App

Invite your guests to use the Capsule (free for Android and iOS) or WedPics (free for Android and iOS) apps that can collect all the photos and videos taken at your wedding. They’ll be private to the guests you invite, but you’ll get to see and share ALL the photos from your big day. In some instances, you are even able to order prints of the photos taken.

Happy planning!