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Key data from our Diversity Annual Report

This executive summary includes everything from hiring and promotional changes for women and people of color1 to increases in their representation.

43% Women (Global), 47% POC (U.S.)


Women and POC make up more than 40% of our annual global and U.S. promotions.
50% Women (Global), 68% POC (U.S.)

New hires

Women make up more than 50% of our new hires, and POC make up nearly 70%.
Asurion 2021 average merit increase chart by gender and race/ethnicity

Closing the pay gap

Asurion carries out annual pay equity audits to ensure all team members are receiving equal pay for equal work—regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or other factors. But now we take it a step further and analyze merit and incentive pay in addition to base salaries.

Global representation of women chart at Asurion

Global representation of women at Asurion

While overall representation of women is down globally (or enterprise-wide) and in the U.S., it’s mostly due to a decrease in women at our frontline levels. However, there was an increase in their representation at the professional, leadership, and executive levels globally and in the U.S.

Executive Leadership (SVP+) data

A rise in the representation of women of color

The number of women of color (WOC) in the U.S. increased in both executive leadership and professional levels in 2021, but the overall representation of WOC is down slightly (due to this group of women decreasing at the frontline level).

36% WOC Frontline
9% WOC Professional level
6% WOC Leadership
Leadership (Dir.+)
29% WOC Overall
9% Executive Leadership (SVP+)

Greater diversity in the Executive Leadership ranks

The representation of POC in the U.S. increased significantly in executive leadership roles, but overall representation of POC is down slightly due to a decrease at the frontline level.

65% POC Frontline
42% POC Professional/management
18% POC Leadership (Dir.+)
Leadership (Dir.+)
55% POC Overall

Diversity in tech careers

Throughout Asurion’s Product, Technology, and Security organizations, we saw an increase in the global representation of women in tech careers and tech leadership as well as a small increase of POC in U.S. tech careers. However, tech leadership for POC went down.


Global representation of women in tech careers


Global representation of women in tech leadership


U.S. representation in tech careers by race/ethnicity


U.S. representation in tech leadership by race/ethnicity

1. People of color refers to anyone in the U.S. who has not self-identified as “White/Caucasian” in Workday.

2. Progress shown for Professional/Mgmt roles and above.