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diverse employee talking in break room

Key data from our Diversity Annual Report

An executive summary that includes everything from hiring and promotional changes for women and people of color1 (POC) to increases in their representation.


Women and POC make up more than 40% of our annual global and U.S. promotions.

New hires

Women make up more than 40% of our new hires, and POC make up nearly 60%.

Closing the pay gap

Asurion carries out annual pay equity audits to ensure all team members are receiving equal pay for equal work—regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or other factors. But now we take it a step further and analyze merit and incentive pay in addition to base salaries.

Women and people of color in leadership

Representation of women in executive leadership increased from 20% to 22.5% globally. Additionally, women of color (WOC) saw a rise in both in leadership (Director+) by 3.2% and 25% in executive leadership.

Diversity in tech careers

Not only did female representation increase globally in executive leadership, but it also rose in tech careers by 3.3%. POC increased by 21.6% in U.S. tech leadership.

Employee Resource Groups expand

Membership in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) grew 12.6% globally from 2021 to 2022.

1. People of color refers to anyone in the U.S. who has not self-identified as “White/Caucasian” in Workday.

2. Progress shown for Professional/Mgmt roles and above.