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GameStop Protect

Protection that helps keep you in the game

Play your best knowing your gaming devices are covered with GameStop® Protect.

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Peace of mind with GameStop Protect

Consoles, headsets, and games aren’t cheap. But with GameStop Protect, you can get protection and support for your eligible purchases from GameStop—whether you bought them a year ago or today—for $9.99 per month. Shopping for something new? Protect it. Here’s how:

1. Add protection

Ready to get started? Put down the controller and head to your nearest GameStop location to sign up.

Find your local storeFind your local store

2. Get tech support

Device issues? It’s not game over. Once you sign up for GameStop Protect, you can reach out to an expert anytime.

Call 888-524-6494Call 888-524-6494

3. Start a claim

When your gadgets and games need more than tech help, don’t stress. Visit any GameStop store to start a claim.

Learn moreLearn more

The value is easy to see (even in virtual reality)

GameStop Protect provides coverage for devices such as video game consoles, video game controllers, virtual reality hardware and wearables, and more for one low price. It also includes:

  • Convenient, hassle-free claims.
  • 24/7 access to tech experts via phone.
  • As-soon-as-same-day replacements.

Pause. What’s covered?

You’ll never have to pause the action with this plan. It protects nearly everything you use to game against breakdowns from manufacturer defects, power surges, normal wear and tear, and dust, heat, and humidity. It also covers accidental damage from handling such as drops, cracks, and spills for eligible devices.

Games and video game consoles

Video game

Monitors, computer keyboards, and more

Audio headsets/ headphones

VR hardware and wearables

External hard drives

Questions? Here’s everything you need to know

How much does GameStop Protect cost and how is it billed?

Is this insurance?

What products are covered for damage?

Is a pre-existing condition covered?

Can I file a claim right away?

How do you file a claim?

Is there a claim limit?

How do I contact 24/7 tech support?

How do I update my account information?

Can I cancel anytime?

How do I cancel GameStop Protect?

What’s covered with GameStop Protect?

Game night. Protected.

Whether you play on the computer or the couch, make sure your gaming devices are covered with GameStop Protect.