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For just $24.99, the Asurion Home+ protection plan covers your VR headset plus all of your eligible devices for breakdowns, defects, accidental damage, and more.

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Asurion Home+ covers top VR headset brands … and many others



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Protect your VR headset and original controllers with Asurion Home+, and get fast repairs from trusted experts when you need them. We make the process easy— unlike traditional VR headset extended warranties our plan protects old, new, and even future purchases, regardless of the brand or version of your equipment.

Here are some reasons why a VR headset protection plan makes sense:

  • Most VR headset warranties don’t cover accidental damage or theft

  • The majority of VR headset warranties only last one year.

  • It can take weeks to receive your VR replacement device from the manufacturer. With Asurion Home+, you can get your replacement as soon as the same day.

Thousands of devices

We cover thousands of devices

The average home contains $5,000 worth of technology. We cover the widest array of products to give you peace of mind when your tech breaks down.

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Asurion Home+ Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled this list of common questions to help, but in case you have additional questions about anything from coverage to additional benefits, you can chat with us at any time.

What is Asurion Home+?

What electronics are covered by Asurion Home+?

Is there a limit on how many of my household products are covered by Asurion Home+?

How many claims I can file?

How much does Asurion Home+ cost?

When does my Asurion Home+ coverage start?

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions for Asurion Home+?

How do I cancel Asurion Home+?

What technical support is provided with Asurion Home+?

How do I get technical support for the Wi-Fi devices in my home through Asurion Home+?

When and how can I call Asurion Home+?

How do I file a claim with Asurion Home+?

How do I track an Asurion Home+ claim I filed?

How do I track my limits?

When I file an Asurion Home+ claim, what kind of replacement product will I receive?

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