Samsung Galaxy Protection Plan

A great phone deserves great protection.

New Samsung Galaxy®phone? Protect it from loss, theft, damage and more with a cell phone protection plan.


Saves you money

Avoid paying up to $1000 for a replacement Galaxy S7 if the unexpected occurs


Next-day phone replacement

Receive a replacement Galaxy in as little as 24 hours.

Full insurance coverage

Coverage for loss, theft, damage (including water damage and broken screens), and malfunctions.

Samsung Galaxy Phone Insurance Information
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Asurion covers your Samsung Galaxy phone where it matters


Comprehensive Coverage

Less than 10% of Galaxy claims have been for water damage since the S5. Asurion covers the other 90% of things that can go wrong.

Physical and Water Damage Replacement

The S6 Edge model has 25% higher likelihood of screen damage than the regular S6 model due to fragile curved glass.

Loss and Theft Protection

1/4 of all phone claims are for loss or theft…protect your Samsung Galaxy from the unexpected.

Source: 2016 Asurion Claims and Program Management Data

More reasons to choose Asurion

Expert support

More connectivity can mean more complexity. Our protection plan may also include one-click access to support experts to help you get the most from your Galaxy and the devices it connects to.

Proactive communications

The Galaxy’s “always on” screen means more battery usage, making our battery-saving tips delivered through the Soluto app a necessity.

Easy claims

File a claim online in minutes and have a replacement as soon as the next day.

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Available with leading mobile carriers and providers

Our Samsung Galaxy protection plans are available at most wireless carriers, including:

If you already have mobile protection through your carrier, download the app to unlock awesome features.

AT&T App

AT&T Protect Plus

Included with Mobile Protection Pack and Multi-Device Protection Pack

sprint complete icon

Sprint Complete

Included with Sprint Complete

Verizon Tech Coach Mobile App

Verizon Tech Coach

Included with Total Mobile Protection

*Features and functionality vary by carrier and operating system.