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June 4th, 2024

Sunny with a Chance of Cracked Screens: Asurion Forecasts Annual Surge in Lost, Stolen and Damaged Devices as Summer Season Approaches

Nashville, Tenn. – June 4, 2024 – The signs of summer are all around: school is out, temperatures are up, beach towns are booked – and cell phones are breaking. According to tech care company Asurion®, more phones are lost, stolen and damaged during the summer months than any other time of year.

Asurion looked at repair data from its network of nearly 700 uBreakiFix® by Asurion stores, as well as claims data from its protection plans, and saw a nearly 50% increase in water-related phone issues last summer compared to the rest of the year, plus a nearly 15% surge in both cracked screens and battery issues. According to Asurion’s experts, the issues are often related. Cracked screens and backglass make phones more vulnerable to water damage, while extreme temperatures makes glass more susceptible to breakage – and can permanently shorten battery life, too. Beyond damage, Asurion sees a nearly 50% rise in unrecoverable phones – those dropped in the ocean, off a cliff or anywhere else they can’t be retrieved.

Summer isn’t just hard on phones. Laptops get splashed when work-from-home moves poolside; game consoles overheat with increased summer use; e-readers get lost at the beach. Last year, Asurion saw a 15% lift in incidents across all tech devices during the summer months.

“For years, we’ve called it the ‘summer surge,’” said Bettie Colombo, Asurion Senior Director of Corporate Communications. “Everyone is spending more time out and about, hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, hanging poolside and so on, always with their phones in tow – and often other devices, too. As you’d expect, accidents happen. As phones have become more durable, people have become more adventurous with them – but they’re not indestructible, nor are they fully waterproof, so we continue to see many of the same issues. No one wants a tech mishap interrupting their workday, their weekend adventure or their family vacation, so we’re here to deliver the right solution, as quickly as possible. From our claims and supply chain teams to our uBreakiFix repair stores, everyone knows this is the time when customers rely on us most, and we’re staffed and stocked accordingly.”

During the summer, one day stands out as the most dangerous day for your phone. For more than five years, July 4th has yielded more phone accidents than any other day of the year. Last year, Asurion reported 42% more phone accidents on the Fourth, compared to an average day.

“July 4th is the pinnacle of summer – most people are celebrating in some way, whether that’s spending the day on the lake, hosting a barbecue or gathering for fireworks,” Colombo said. “If your phone goes missing in a crowd or shatters on the asphalt, we’ll help get you back up and running.”

If being stuck without your phone sounds like a nightmare, you’re not alone. Americans check their phones more than 250 times a day, and 62% of people said they could only go a day or less without their phone*. To keep your phone safe this summer, Asurion experts recommend the following:

  1. If your phone gets wet, skip the rice. Nearly three in four people have tried using rice to dry out a wet device*. Asurion experts say it can do more harm than good. Rice is not able to draw out all of the water vapor, so while your phone may dry out enough to turn back on, any lingering moisture will eventually cause corrosion. The best thing you can do is turn off the device and bring it to a uBreakiFix by Asurion store where an expert repair technician can fully disassemble the phone and clean each component, giving you the best chance at a long-term fix.
  2. Beat the heat. Phone batteries and high heat are not a great mix. Fortunately, most of today’s phones will shut themselves down to prevent overheating, but it’s still something to avoid if possible. Extended use at temperatures in the 90’s or higher can do more than cause your phone to turn off – it can also permanently shorten your phone’s battery life. Beyond limiting your phone use in hot temperatures, keep your phone out of direct sunlight, don’t leave it in a hot car – and don’t ever put it in the fridge or freezer to cool it down. The sudden temperature change can cause condensation that can damage your phone. 
  3. Don’t put off a screen repair. It’s easy to dismiss a crack in your screen or back glass as a mere cosmetic issue. In reality, it’s a break in your phone’s defenses. Not only is a cracked phone no longer water resistant, it’s also more vulnerable to things like dirt, oils and even humidity, which can work their way in through the cracks. Get a cracked screen taken care of as soon as possible to avoid bigger issues down the road. 
  4. Back it up. Especially during the summer, it’s important to back up your device regularly. It’s an easy step that makes all the difference if your phone is ever lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. 

If your phone or any other tech devices fall victim to the “summer surge,” uBreakiFix by Asurion repair experts can help at nearly 700 stores nationwide. Phone protection plans provide added peace of mind, especially during the summer months, as do whole-home protection plans, which cover all your favorite connected devices, from laptops, tablets and game consoles to TVs, e-readers and smart doorbells. For more information, visit

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