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Asurion expert helping customer in retail store

Asurion blog

A behind-the-scenes look at our culture and how we put our customers and community first.

Mom and kids doing laundry with the washer and dryer

Smart Appliances: The Future of Household Management Amid Slow Adoption

Discover how smart companies can gear up for the traditional to smart transition

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Asurion Peril Palooza (2024)

2024 Peril Palooza

Every year, as summer temps climb, so do the number of tech accidents. From overheating to water damage and more, we’ve got some surprising stats–but also simple solutions.

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Father and son looking inside washing machine

The truth about appliances: why they fail

Explore the complexities of appliances and discover solutions to keep them up and running.

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A rural landscape with scattered homes featuring an illustration of Internet and connected tech expansion

Tech Adoption in Rural America: Late Bloomers with a Growing Appetite

Learn how expanding broadband access has led to greater tech adoption in rural America.

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Person wearing VR/AR headset smiling

The rise of VR/AR headsets – and how businesses stand to benefit

Learn who is most likely to buy VR/AR devices and what it means for the future of connected home.

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Remote worker in home office

What does homeowners insurance cover for remote workers?

Want to learn about work-from-home insurance? Asurion Experts walk you through what to look for in homeowners insurance if you have a full-time remote job.

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A family using their tech

The real early adopters

Parents are among the early adopters of cool tech gadgets, according to Asurion’s 2024 Tech Lifestyle Report. Yet most aren’t tech-savvy.

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An older man talking to a tech expert

OK Boomer. No, we mean it

Older Americans love tech gadgets. The companies that make them need to offer human, reliable, and convenient tech help.

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