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The truth about appliances: why they fail

The more complex appliances get, the more they break and the more they cost to fix.

Father and son looking inside washing machine

That’s definitely not your mother’s dishwasher. These days, kitchens and other rooms in your home might be tricked out with appliances like a washing machine that texts you when the wash cycle is done or a fridge you can see inside from your phone at the grocery store. “OK, scratch mustard off the list…” 

Many of the newest appliances—like a dryer that cuts your energy bill by adjusting drying time or an oven that preheats remotely during your commute—do their jobs courtesy of computerization, electronics, and Wi-Fi connections. But the more intricate the set-up, the more likely something will go wrong.  

According to Consumer Reports, Yelp users in the U.S. requested 58% more quotes from thousands of appliance repair businesses in January 2023 than in 2022. More complicated machines with multiple parts mean more repairs and consumers can’t typically fix the machines themselves. Think about the difference between a simple on/off switch and a digital screen or between using plastic ice cube trays and a programmable ice maker. 

“These days, you have hybrid machines—from TVs to toasters—with a lot of computer controls,” says Mark Blevins, Senior Services Manager for Asurion. “There’s Wi-Fi connectivity and sensors to deal with. The products are more complex, which exponentially increases the failure rate.”

Gone are the days of a dryer lasting 25 years and only breaking once. It’s a given that today’s appliances need more repairs. In fact, according to Asurion data, 50% of homeowners have had an appliance issue in the last year. And this can be costly, especially if your manufacturer’s warranty has expired. For example, if your refrigerator stops cooling, an out-of-warranty repair could run $600 or more, depending on the model.

It’s simple. Families want to protect their investment in appliances and keep them up and running. That’s why Asurion created Appliance+, a protection plan that covers all current and future appliance purchases. 

“It can get really expensive to fix appliances, and you will have to fix them,” says Blevins. “A service plan ends up saving you money and time when you have a trusted source to go to for help.”  Asurion Appliance+ covers appliances you own that are less than 20 years old and appliances you haven’t bought yet. So, if your oven breaks—replacing it can cost up to $4,000— you’ll be covered. The process is easy, too. When you have an issue with your appliance, just call Asurion and you’ll be set up with an in-home appointment with a highly-trained repair technician. 

Asurion will repair it or if they can’t repair your appliance, they’ll reimburse you for it. 

With Asurion Appliance+, there are no expiration dates as long as you’re enrolled. You don’t need to register products before you file a claim, don’t need receipts, and there are no hidden fees. There are also no limits on the number of claims you can file. For people who do it all, meet tech care that can keep up. Smart, right?  

Reliable protection for the major appliances you rely on

When your appliances don't work, we do. With Asurion Appliance+®, get hassle-free coverage for your current appliances and future purchases—no matter the brand or where you bought them—plus 24/7 troubleshooting support. Learn more about Asurion Appliance+™ coverage and how you can get total peace of mind protection.

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Appliances aren't cheap

Neither are their repairs. But Asurion Appliance+ can save you money every month and provide some peace of mind.

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