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5 simple ways to make your phone charge faster

It always seems to happen at the worst moment: You pull up Google Maps™ to get directions, but the dreaded low battery message appears. Or maybe you open Apple Pay® at checkout, and your phone suddenly dies. You can scramble to find an outlet or USB port and wait for your device to charge, but that takes time. If only there was a way to power it up more quickly.

Fortunately, there are several. At Asurion, our experts help millions of customers resolve issues like this every day. When tech breaks, we fix it—from a phone with a swollen battery to a laptop that won't connect to Wi-Fi. Here are our experts' top five tips and tricks for making your phone charge faster when you need a quick boost of power.

1. Choose a wall outlet instead of a USB port

Connecting your phone to your laptop via a USB cable may be the most convenient way to charge, but using a wall outlet can do so in half the time.

2. Buy a high-powered charger

Have you wondered how to get your iPhone® to charge faster? With the previous tip in mind, you may want to invest in a 12W USB or 18W USB-C power adapter. These typically come with an iPad®, but you can purchase them separately.

3. Get a portable battery pack

Having a portable battery pack ensures your devices are always charged when you need them. The convenience of wireless charging makes them especially useful when you're on the go, have an emergency, or experience a power outage.

4. Turn on Airplane mode

The next time you need a boost, try enabling Airplane mode before plugging in your phone. This setting helps your phone charge more quickly by turning off your device's connection to cellular and Wi-Fi networks, which burn energy and drain the battery. Turning off your device completely before charging is even better.

5. Keep your phone cool

Heat is tough on your device and could even damage the battery and hinder its ability to charge. If your device has been sitting in direct sunlight or feels hot to the touch, try removing the case and placing it in a cool area before you power up.

Protect your phone

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