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5 ways to protect your phone or tablet from cold winter temperatures

How to protect phone or tablet from cold

You already know your phone or tablet can overheat in hot summer weather, but did you know that cold weather poses its own set of challenges for your devices?

Asurion Experts are here to help you protect and support the tech you can't live without. Here are their tips for keeping your phone warm so you can avoid electronic frostbite this winter.

How to keep your phone warm in winter

Avoid using your phone or tablet in freezing temperatures

How cold is too cold for your phone? Your iPhone® and Android™ devices were built to work at their best in temperatures above 32°F. Basically, if it's cold enough outside for water to freeze, your phone is not going to enjoy the weather much either. It could start performing very slowly, your battery might drain quickly, or if exposed to too much cold for too long, could even shut down altogether.

Protect your tech with an insulated case

Cold weather can cause screens and internal components to become more brittle and fragile, so dropping a phone or tablet could create more trouble in the winter than any other time of year. Make sure you have a protective case on your device and don't take it off, especially when you're outside in the cold. If you're planning to be outside a lot this winter, whether for work or for ski adventures, invest in a thermal phone case that will help to insulate your phone against the cold. There are several options on the market, like this thermal case.

Don't leave devices in your car

We all sometimes forget our phone or laptop bag in our car, but try extra hard not to do so during the winter months. Extended exposure to very cold temperatures can end up causing permanent damage to tech device components.

Keep your tech toasty by keeping it close to your body

If you're going to be outside for a while, it's best to keep your phone in a pocket so it can benefit from your body's warmth. If you need to make a call while outside, consider using a Bluetooth earpiece so you can keep your phone in your pocket where it's warm and sheltered.

Warm your devices to room temperature before use

If your phone or tablet is chilly from the cold outside temperatures, let it warm up to room temperature before using. You risk condensation forming inside the device if it heats up too quickly after coming inside from the cold.

If your device does get exposed to the winter chill and needs a checkup, don't worry—we can help.

Tried these steps and still need help? We got you. Get your tech problem solved when you call or chat with an expert now.

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