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How often should you restart your phone?

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How often should you restart your phone? Once a week, according to a mobile device best practices list from the National Security Agency (NSA). Why is a spy agency giving advice about turning your phone off and back on again? Because restarting your phone is an effective way to help protect you from scammers and hackers

A regular restart helps with security, but it’s also great device care for your Android™ phone or iPhone®. Here’s everything you need to know about why and how to restart your phone. 

Why restarting your phone is important 

If you only restart your phone when it’s glitchy, you’re not alone. But a restart is much more than a quick fix for a frozen phone screen. Here are a few things restarting your device weekly can do: 

  • free up memory 
  • resolve software updates and issues
  • improve speed 
  • enhance security 

Signs that you should restart your phone immediately

While restarting your phone weekly is a good habit, if you’re experiencing any of the following, you should restart your phone right away:

  • Slow performance. Your phone is lagging or apps take longer to load. 
  • Overheating. If your phone is too hot, restarting it can help. Learn more with these 5 tips to keep your phone from overheating
  • App crashes. Frequent app crashes or freezes may be resolved with a restart. 
  • Connectivity issues. Trouble connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® on your phone can sometimes be fixed by restarting if Airplane mode doesn't solve your issue. 
  • Battery drain. A restart can stop background processes that drain your battery. 

How to restart your phone 

Ready to restart your phone? Hold down the Power button for a few seconds, then give your device about 30 seconds to power down before turning it back on.

Common myths about restarting your phone

Still unsure about when and why to restart your phone? Let’s debunk a few myths you may have heard about restarting your mobile phone.  Myth: Restarting is only necessary when your phone freezes. Fact: Regular restarts can prevent freezes and ensure smoother performance. 

Myth: Restarting too often can harm your phone. 

Fact: A weekly restart is beneficial and won’t damage your device, but a daily restart isn't necessary.

Myth: Closing apps manually is enough. Fact: Manually closing apps doesn’t refresh the system processes or clear memory as effectively as a restart does. 

Long-term benefits of regular phone restarts 

Restart your phone weekly and your device will be better for it. Here’s how:

  • Prolonged lifespan. Reduce wear and tear on your phone’s hardware with regular restarts. 
  • Consistent performance. Keep your phone running smoothly without frustrating slowdowns. 
  • Improved battery life. Help your phone battery last longer by ensuring background processes aren’t draining it. 
  • Enhanced security. Restarting can help apply security updates and patches more effectively.  

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