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How to fix the Samsung logo boot loop

Fix Samsung phone stuck on logo screen

Is your Android phone stuck on the Samsung logo? Although annoying, it's a very common issue. Here at Asurion, we want technology to work for everyone—whether you’re dealing with a cracked phone screen or your laptop won't connect to Wi-Fi, we can help. Here are five tips to fix a stuck Samsung logo on your phone.

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Perform a soft reset

A soft reset is the first thing you should try when your Android phone is stuck on the Samsung logo. A soft reset is essentially turning off and on your phone. Hold the Power button until your phone shuts off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it back on. Some Android phones require pressing the Volume buttons to power off, so if your phone is not shutting down, this might be why. Rest assured it is completely safe to do a soft reset, and it's often the first fix for many phone issues. If the soft reset didn't work, continue down the list of tips for a resolution.

Remove the battery and put it back in

If your phone has a removable battery, you can try taking it out and putting it back in. After you take the battery out, wait about 1 minute before reinserting the battery. The goal of this method is to strip the phone of its power before restarting it and seeing if the problem is gone.

Download and recovery mode

Download Mode is used for downloading firmware and other software. Recovery Mode is used to factory reset your device, which we'll go into in more depth in just a moment. Both Recovery Mode and Download Mode can help resolve Galaxy phone repair issues. Here's how you get to both modes on your phone.

How to get to Download Mode on your Samsung phone

First, turn off your device. Press and hold the Power, Volume Up, and Volume Down buttons at the same time until you see the warning screen. For Samsung phones with a Bixby button, you'll need to press and hold the Volume Down and Bixby buttons while inserting a USB-C cable. Once you're on the warning screen, press the Volume Down button to exit the download mode. Next, restart the phone to see if the problem is fixed.

How to get to Recovery Mode on your Samsung phone

Make sure your device is turned off. Hold the Power, Volume Up, and Home buttons at the same time until you see the recovery screen. Once you're on the recovery screen, use the Volume buttons to direct yourself to the option that reboots the system and use the Power button to select that option. You can also choose to wipe the cache partition and then restart the system.

Reset your phone to factory settings

Resetting your phone to factory settings tends to be your last resort, so make sure you have tried all of the previous options first. A factory reset essentially means resetting your phone as if it just came out of the box. You'll want to keep in mind that this will remove all of your settings, apps, photos, etc. so it's best to have a recent backup before you do this—check out this guide to how to back up your phone if you need help. If you don't have a recent backup, it's best to seek help from a professional before you attempt it. If you do have a recent backup, follow these steps to factory reset your device.

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap General management.
  3. Tap Reset then Factory data reset.
  4. Review the information on what you're preparing to delete, then tap Reset.

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