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How to use your iPhone as a document scanner

Man scanning document with iPhone

Scanners are a rare find these days, but their use is still prevalent. Skip the trip to the office services store and use your iPhone® as a handy document scanner. At Asurion, we troubleshoot your tech problems so you can enjoy the devices that run your world. Here's our experts' guide to using your iPhone to scan documents.

How to use your iPhone as a document scanner

  1. Open the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad®. Tap the icon in the bottom-right corner to create a new note.
  2. Tap the Camera button. In the menu that appears, select Scan Documents.
  3. Place the entire document you want to scan on a flat, well-lit surface. Point your camera at the piece of paper in the capture window, and take a photo by either pressing the circular shutter button or pressing the upper volume button.
  4. To crop your image to the correct size, simply drag each corner point that appears to the edges of your document.
  5. When you're happy with your document, tap Keep Scan. From here, you can either create additional scans or select Save.

If you'd like to adjust the color of your scan, select the overlapping circles icon at the top of your screen. If you want to use the markup tool to highlight a specific part of your document, tap the pen icon.

How to share your scanned documents

  1. When you're done scanning documents, tap the Share button (square with arrow icon).
  2. Share your document via AirDrop, Message, app, or Copy to another location.

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