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How do I file a claim on my protected device?

To file a claim, start by clicking the “file or track a claim” button at the top of the page and select your product. Be sure to have the make and model of your device available, and a method of payment for your deductible, if required. After you submit your claim, you should receive an email with tracking and shipping information.

How many days do I have to file a claim?

Usually, claims must be reported within 60 days of the date of loss. Check with your provider for your program’s specific information.

What do I do with my old device?

Depending on carrier/retailer, you may be required to return your damaged or defective device using the pre-paid shipping label provided with the replacement device. You will need to return the damaged or defective device within 10-15 days to avoid non-return charges. If the device was lost or stolen, the requirement to return the device does not apply. However, if the lost device is found, you should return it by using the pre-addressed, pre-paid return label included with the replacement device.

What replacement phone will I receive?

Our goal is to replace your device with your same make and model. However, some models may not be available. In this situation, we do our best to match feature functionality and other device qualities in determining the replacement you will receive.

  • Depending on availability, you may receive a device of like-kind and quality.
  • Claims may be fulfilled with a new or refurbished replacement device.
  • Device color, brand, model and features may be different and accessory compatibility is not guaranteed.

Is Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) covered under a service plan?

If your plan includes ADH, that means it covers unintentional and accidental damage from handling as a result of normal use of the product, such as drops, liquid spills and cracked screens that impede the functionality of the product. ADH plans are not available on all products or plans. Please check the terms and conditions of your plan for specific details.

Will my appliance or home electronics be repaired or replaced?

For all valid claims we will either repair or replace your product. However, each claim is unique. In some instances, where we are unable to repair your product, we will replace with a new or refurbished product of like kind and quality to the original product. Or we may issue you a gift card or check for the purchase price paid (excluding taxes, delivery and installation fees) as indicated on your original product sales receipt. If we replace your product or reimburse you for it, your plan is fulfilled and you will be required to return the original product and accessories to us. Please check the terms and conditions of your plan for specific details.

Can my plan be cancelled?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. Please refer to your terms and conditions for the address and details to submit your written notice.

Is there a waiting period before I can file a claim for my phone?

After enrollment into your program, there is no waiting period before filing a claim.

What mobile phones are eligible for coverage

The list of covered devices depends on your wireless provider’s specific program. Here are some examples of typical covered devices: Feature phones, Smartphones, Tablets, Netbooks/Notebooks, Laptop Connect Cards (data cards and Mi-Fi devices).

Why do I have to pay a deductible if I file a claim for my phone?

Asurion, like most insurance programs, requires that you pay a deductible at the time a claim is filed. We try to keep our deductible amount as affordable as possible. Please note that in most cases, the deductible is far less than the full retail price that you would pay for a new device outside of contract renewal.

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