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Soluto Service FAQs

What is Soluto Service?

Soluto Service is a simple one stop to a friendly, knowledgeable person who is fluent in any technology…so you don’t have to be. Unlike traditional support, you don’t have to call multiple numbers, and won’t have to wait or be bounced around to different people. From set-up and troubleshooting to simply discovering new features, our advisors are focused on helping you unlock your device’s potential – so you can be more productive and stay connected.

What types of things can Soluto Tech Experts help me with?

Soluto Tech Experts are trained to help you with your device and everything you connect your device to. Examples:

  • Transfer to a new OS – move your music, pictures, contacts across operating systems
  • Software updates – never worry about OS updates again
  • Smartphone tune-up – battery running slow or sluggish? Enhance your phone’s performance and maximize your battery life
  • Making you more productive – app recommendations so you can make the most out of your device
  • Connecting to your car or home – support for your phone and everything you connect it to
  • Backing up security to the cloud – never worry about your personal data or contacts again
  • And so much more

How do I reach a Soluto Tech Expert?

There are two convenient ways to reach a live, U.S.-based support expert:

  1. With one-click using the Protection App right on your device
  2. Using your carrier support phone number

Will I reach someone directly or sit in a phone queue?

Soluto Tech Experts are available in seconds when leveraging the click-to-call feature in the Protection App. No hold times, transfers or waiting in a phone queue, just simple direct access to technicians when you need them most.

How many times can I call Soluto Tech Experts each week?

As many as you like! Soluto Tech Experts are here for you and will help you with any question, big or small, anytime.

Besides click-to-call does the Protection App do anything else for support?

Yes, the Protection App enhances the support experience and saves you time by sending important diagnostics data to your advisor at the start of a call. This allows your expert to see what a potential issue might be and quickly resolve it.

What if I have more complicated issues with my phone that need to be resolved?

Through the Protection App, customers have direct, one-click access to friendly and knowledgeable Soluto Tech Experts to troubleshoot customer problems, no matter how simple or complex, across platforms, devices, and services. No wait times, menus, or appointments needed.