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You've protected your phone, now protect your home tech

For $24.99 per month, you can get whole home device protection, tech support, data security, and more—all in one plan.

Asurion is trusted by 300 million worldwide.
4.6 google rating
4.6 consumer affairs rating
4.5 amazon rating
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We do tech care differently

The gadgets we love aren't cheap, but they can be protected for less than $1 per day with Asurion Home+®.

  • Thousands of devices covered (future purchases too)
  • Simple claims, with or without a receipt
  • 24/7 live expert support and data monitoring

This is not your typical device protection plan

Asurion Home+® offers everything from screen repairs to video storage and so much more. Here are some of the plan’s best features:

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Unlimited devices covered

An agent wearing a phone headset

Live support by trusted experts

A drill and a television

In-home setup and installations

Protection shield with a checkmark

Data security and protection

A stack of photos

Unlimited photo and video storage

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Hassle-free claims always

Invest in devices, not warranties

Buying individual warranties for tech like laptops, smart watches, and game consoles can add up. It’s more convenient—and cost effective—to cover all of them under one protection plan like Asurion Home+®.

What would it cost to replace your tech without coverage? Select your devices to see for yourself, then see all devices we cover.

Device - Laptop
Device - Gaming Systems
Game System
Device - Tablets
Device - Desktop Computers
Device - Smart Home Security Cameras
Smart Security Camera
Device - Smart Watches
Smart Watch
Device - Smart Speakers
Wireless Speaker
Device - Printers



*Total device value based on 2022 CTA US Consumer Tech Forecast and 24th US Ownership Study. Device price estimates based on category medians from nationwide retailer.

One simple plan, tons of amazing benefits

A set of headphones covered under device protection

Device protection

Tech is smart, not invincible. That’s why we cover thousands of devices in your home—from TVs and tablets to smart thermostats and locks. If they stop working, we’ve got your back (but preexisting breakdowns aren’t covered).

Get live support from a 5-star Asurion expert for all your tech questions

Live support by experts

Have a tech question? Whether it’s setting up a printer or fixing a smart speaker, our Asurion Experts are ready to help. Just call or chat with us anytime. Need us to install your home tech? We can do that too.

A laptop with personal information that is secure and protected

Data security

Technology has its risks, but we can help protect your personal information on and offline. Plus you’ll get unlimited photo and video storage to keep your treasured memories safe.

Two women hugging. "$25 for you, $25 for me"

Get what you give

Love your protection plan? Tell a friend about it, and if they sign up for Asurion Home+ or Asurion Appliance+, you’ll both get $25. Win-win!

Asurion Expert

Live tech support any way you want it

However you choose to access our live tech support, we’re here to help with all your home tech needs.

  • Call an expert anytime to troubleshoot tech issues

  • Chat with an expert online or in the Asurion Home+ app for quick answers to your tech questions

  • Download the app for more support accessing your plan benefits, boosting Wi-Fi, and managing claims

Smart TV, game consoles, headphones, and router

Protect your home entertainment devices for only $14.99 per month

We’re offering a new way to protect just your smart TVs, game consoles, and other home entertainment devices called Asurion Home+ Entertainment. Find out if it’s right for you.

Don’t just take our word for it

Taking care of customers is Asurion’s priority. See how we’re making a difference for the more than 300 million people we serve around the world, every single day.

Google | 4.6 Stars | 20k+ Reviews

4.6 Stars | 20k+ Reviews

Consumer Affairs | 4.6 Stars | 32k+ Reviews

4.6 Stars | 32k+ Reviews

4.5 Stars | 397k+ Reviews

Our Customers | 4.8 Stars | 14,800,000+ Reviews

4.8 Stars | 14.8M Reviews

Thousands of 5-star reviews

Phil - 5 star - Laptop repair

Legit amazed

I’m not just clicking “Five” for everything, I’m legit amazed. My laptop was returned with a brand-new screen in under 48 hours. In the middle of a global pandemic. This is better service than I would have expected in-person, let alone online.

Angie - 5 star - Gaming & Laptop repair

Easy and fast

This is the best warranty I have ever purchased. Asurion makes it super easy and fast. We never worry. We trust our gaming & laptop are in good hands with experts and excellent customer service.

Michael - 5 star - Smart Watch repair

Highly recommend

I submitted my claim for a cracked screen on a Sunday and had my Apple Watch completely repaired and back in my hands the following weekend. Very fast service. Would highly recommend.

Got questions? We have answers

Here’s what you need to know about our protection plan, claims process, tech support, and the devices we cover.

What is Asurion Home+?

What is Asurion Home+ Entertainment?

What technical support is provided with Asurion Home+?

What devices do we cover?

What's included in coverage?

My device is broken now but I’m not enrolled yet—is that covered by an Asurion Home+ plan?

Don’t let broken tech get in the way

When you sign up for Asurion Home+ protection, we’ll cover all your favorite devices and offer 24/7 expert support and data monitoring for just $24.99 per month.

Sign up now

Asurion Home+ is $24.99+tax per month. Your plan will continue to renew each month unless canceled. You may cancel at any time for any reason at no additional charge. If you cancel, a pro-rata refund of the service contract coverage may be provided as described in the terms and conditions. Cover an unlimited number of eligible devices. Access to technical support begins when you enroll. Device protection coverage begins on your 31st day of enrollment and includes mechanical and electrical breakdowns on eligible devices and accidental damage from handling for certain portable devices. Pre-existing failures and breakdowns occurring before day 31 are not covered. File as many claims as you need. Get up to $5,000 in coverage every 12 months and $2,000 per approved claim. Non original parts may be used for repair, and a replacement product may be a new, refurbished, or remanufactured product. A service fee of $0, $49, or $99 plus tax will be charged for each approved claim. Limitations and exclusions apply. Please see the Asurion Home+ Terms and Conditions for complete program details, including a binding individual arbitration provision applicable to this plan (unless state exceptions apply).

*Replacement device costs based on 2022 CTA US Consumer Tech Forecast and 24th US Ownership Study. Device price estimates based on category medians from nationwide retailer.

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