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Need your home tech installed?

Asurion Home+ customers can get installations at a fraction of the retail price of an average installation. Asurion Experts will unbox, install, and set up your device for just $49 (plus tax).

How it works

Give us a call to schedule your install appointment.

We arrive (on time!) to unbox, install, and set up your device.

Enjoy your tech with peace of mind that it’s installed and connected perfectly!

What can we install?

We’ll unbox, install, and set up the following smart home tech for just $49 per device (plus tax).



Smart hubs

Streaming devices

Wireless printers

Wireless routers

Smart thermostats

Smart door locks

Smart doorbells

Wi-Fi security cameras

Want to learn more?

Check our list of Frequently Asked Questions or give us a call at (844) 529-2692 today!

What kind of installations do you offer?

What will my installation appointment look like?

For TV installations, do I need to provide my own mounting bracket?

During my appointment, can I add on additional installations?

Will an Asurion Expert confirm my installation after I’ve booked an appointment?

What if I need to reschedule or cancel an existing appointment?

What is included with a smart hub setup?

How do I sign up for Asurion Home+, and what does it cover?

When are tech installation appointments available?

How are Asurion Experts ensuring customers’ safety during appointments?

Are there device-specific details I need to know before my booking my smart home installation?

Are there any other details I need to be aware of before my appointment?

Goof-proof your smart home installations

As an Asurion Home+ customer, you’ve got access to unlimited installs for just $49/device!