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Are you smart on smart homes?

At Asurion, we care for your tech. That includes giving you the know-how to make smart choices for your connected home.


the value an average U.S. household owns in smart devices

60.4M - That's 46.5% of households

number of households using smart home tech devices monthly1


of smart home owners use smart devices for the added convenience2

How smart is your home?

The average household has 6 smart devices3. See how your home measures up—select the tech in your home.

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Smart device hub
Device - Smart Watches
Smart Watch
Device - Smart Home Security Cameras
Smart Security Camera
Smart door lock
Device - Smart Thermostats
Smart Thermostat
Smart doorbell
Smart doorbell
Smart light dimmer
Device - Smart Speakers
Smart Speaker
Smart smoke detector



The Old-School Minimalist
You prefer a simpler way of life. You’re skeptical of most devices (heck, even your own smartphone). You have enough tech to get by in today’s world, but you’re happier in a home that feels more off-the-grid, without notifications pinging you right and left.
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The Pragmatic Techy
You’re sensible. You do your research and decide if you really need things before buying. When it comes to tech, you get the essentials—the tried and true devices that keep your life efficient and practical. But you’re still not falling for smartwatches (nice try, Google).
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The Savvy Solutionist
You’ve got a beat on the future. You get excited about new technology, but you’re not first in line when it comes out—you make sure it makes sense with your lifestyle first. You’re tech-proficient and you set up your devices to do cool things when you throw parties.
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The Automation Aficionado
Your device-powered domicile is dialed in. You’ve programmed your lights to turn on at precise times, every device is voice-controlled, and you can monitor most all of it from anywhere. Your home is a perfectly-orchestrated modern tech machine.
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Smart device myths, busted

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