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Liquid spilling on a tablet from an overturned glass

Spilled water on your tablet?

Don’t let a spill slow you down. Our uBreakiFix® by Asurion experts handle water damage all the time and can fix it fast.

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Beaded droplets of water on a tablet screen

Quick fixes if you have tablet water damage

When your tablet comes in contact with water, the key is to act fast. If you don’t, corrosion can set in and short-circuit your device.

  • What to do with a water-damaged tablet. If it’s still turned on, turn it off before an electrical charge damages it further. You should also try to remove the SIM card, memory card, outer case, and anything else inside or connected to your device. Dry it with a microfiber towel, and store it in a plastic bag.
  • What not to do with a water-damaged tablet. It's best not to move your tablet more than necessary to avoid the spread of more water. You’ll also want to avoid pressing buttons or turning your tablet on within 24 hours. Do not use a hairdryer or heat gun to dry your device—they can fry its components or start a fire. A bag of rice won’t really help either.

Can’t fix your tablet? Leave it to us

If your tablet is not working after trying these tips, skip the hassle and take it to your nearest uBreakiFix by Asurion store. Our experts will give you a free device diagnostic and help you with a tablet water damage repair.

Customer walking into store with broken devices

Fast service, right in your neighborhood

Need a quick repair? Stop by one of our 700+ stores and we’ll get you back up and running fast. Can’t come in? We’ll come to you.

What else can we fix for you?

No matter the device or the issue, our experts can help get you back up and running fast. Learn more about our extensive repair services below. 
uBreakiFix by Asurion expert. 5 stars. Great communication and awesome service. Quote from Tavion H., Brentwood.

Tech repair done right

For over 25 years, Asurion has repaired the devices people rely on most—from smartphones to game consoles. Don’t leave important repairs to just anyone. Our trusted experts will fix them the right way, and we have the reviews to prove it.

Fixing your tablet doesn’t have to be frustrating

When you have a cracked tablet screen, our experts can repair it fast. Schedule a service today.

Schedule a repair

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*Our repairs come with a 1-year limited warranty, valid at all our locations. The only exceptions are liquid damage repairs or if we’re working on your device through your Original Equipment Manufacturer warranty or some other coverage plan. Then the terms of that coverage would apply.

**The average cost of a repair can fluctuate with the level of service and value of replacement parts required.