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Laptop repair, screen replacements, and no-cost diagnostics from Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions™ technicians

Your laptop is an essential part of your life—from getting work done to connecting with friends and family. So when it breaks or isn’t functioning properly, we know how frustrating that can be. Enter Asurion and uBreakiFix®.

Our laptop repair technicians can help get your laptop back up and running as quickly as possible—without the hassle—whether your device is constantly overheating or your keyboard is malfunctioning. Worried about quality? Our technicians are trained to fix laptops using high-quality parts, tools, and equipment.

laptop repair services

Here’s what you’ll get when you visit an Asurion or uBreakiFix store near you:

  • A no-cost, no-obligation checkup on any laptop
  • A simple explanation of repair options—including cost and time estimates
  • Fast, efficient (often same-day) service
  • A 90-day limited warranty (it includes parts and labor) for all repairs
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About our Asurion Tech Repair laptop repair services

Laptop won’t start

If your laptop won’t start—or if it freezes or crashes midway through your morning—it can be incredibly frustrating. You may need to reset your laptop, or you may have a hardware problem. Visit your nearest Asurion or uBreakiFix store for a no-cost checkup, and we’ll get you back up and running quickly.

Laptop screen replacement

Is a cracked or damaged display on your laptop keeping you from seeing clearly? Visit Asurion or uBreakiFix. We can fix or replace any computer screen—and fast.

Battery replacement

Battery replacement is quick and easy. We’ll start with a full diagnostic to make sure you don’t have another underlying problem. Over time, batteries naturally deteriorate. The older your model, the more likely the battery is to die. Don’t worry though, we have high-quality batteries waiting for you at your local Asurion or uBreakiFix store.

Slow computer

Computer or laptop running slowly? This happens to all of us as we add more files, apps, and programs on our hard drives. Usually a restart (it’s a good idea to do this at least once a week) will get you back up to speed. But if you’re still having problems, we’re here to help. Schedule a no-cost checkup today.

Data recovery

Missing documents and photos can be heartbreaking, whether it’s tax forms or priceless pics of your child’s graduation. The good news: Here at Asurion and uBreakiFix, our laptop repair technicians can help you find and restore those irreplaceable files and photos. They can also make sure you never lose them again.

Why Asurion and uBreakiFix?

We only repair laptop computers using high-quality parts. This allows us to provide customers with reliable repair solutions and makes our out-of-warranty guarantee the highest quality possible. We’re always among the first to receive new computers when they’re released, so we can start fixing yours right away. Just bring it to an Asurion or uBreakiFix store near you.

Expert technicians

From frozen screens to coffee-soaked keyboards, our technicians have seen it all. They’re trained to fix your laptop—and fast. Stop by our nearest store. We’re here to help.

90-day limited warranty after repair

Need your computer repaired? If you find a lower published price for the same repair from a local competitor, we’ll match it and beat it by $5. We also have a standard 90-day limited warranty that protects your laptop and is valid at our hundreds of locations across the country.

No-obligation diagnostics

When you bring your laptop to Asurion or uBreakiFix, the first thing we do is a $0, complete checkup to find the cause of your problems. When we find it, a technician will explain it to you and provide repair options and cost and time estimates. If you give us the go-ahead, we'll get started on your computer repair right away. Don’t worry—we’ll get you back up and running quickly.

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Fast service, right in your neighborhood

When tech breaks, we fix it. Just stop by one of our 700+ uBreakiFix® by Asurion stores, and our trusted experts will take it from there. Can’t come in? We’ll come to you.

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Trusted professionals

Trusted professionals

We have thousands of U.S.-based experts ready to help.

Speedy service icon

Speedy service

Our pros can perform most services in two hours or less.

No-cost diagnostics icon

No-cost diagnostics

Not sure what’s wrong? We’ll figure it out.

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Low prices

We can match any local competitor’s price—and beat it by $5.

90-day warranty icon

90-day warranty

Our repairs come with a hassle-free warranty—valid at any location.

What else can we fix for you?

No matter the device, our pros can help get you back up and running fast. Learn more about our extensive repair services below.

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