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5 important things to know before buying a laptop warranty

A person looking at a laptop and considering buying a laptop warranty

Buying a new laptop is expensive enough—do you really have to spend more on a warranty too? It's an important question—and one we're uniquely qualified to answer.

Here at Asurion, we've been helping people protect and get the most out of their tech for decades. So we've got the experience to help you make tough decisions from what to look for in a new laptop to when to repair or replace your laptop.

Here are five important things to know before buying a laptop warranty.

1. Know your laptop's condition

Many people buy their laptops new, but if you have a used or refurbished laptop, make sure you know its age and condition. Is it running slow? Has it withstood water damage? Is it covered in coffee stains and hot sauce? This information will help guide you towards the right laptop warranty plan.

2. Carefully read the plan's details

Reading the fine print can be a slog, but it'll help you understand the details of any laptop warranty coverage, including what the plan includes, how long it lasts, and whether the company will refund your money or repair or replace your device.

For example, many laptop warranties include coverage for defective keyboards, monitor issues, modem malfunctions, and other hardware problems you didn't cause yourself. They'll typically pay for parts and labor for repairs.

But some plans come with exclusions that limit how useful the plan may be. Look for anything that might void the warranty, including changing internal components, opening a case, and breaking a seal.

3. Compare plans

Not all warranty plans are the same. Some require you to purchase it within 30 days of buying your laptop. Others may not even cover your laptop brand. Some plans expire after a year, and others last longer.

Compare details, including price, protection options, and deductibles. Most of all, be sure that your plan will guarantee the most benefits for your needs. Do premium payments work for your budget? If you often travel overseas, do you want coverage for international loss, theft, and damage—and if so, does the plan offer it? Will it be easy for you to start claims? These are all important questions to consider.

4. Read the reviews

Reading what customers think about the plans online can help you make a smarter decision. Stick to reputable companies. Make sure that the process for sending claims is straightforward and hassle-free. And find out whether the company has a partner service center—if they do, make sure it offers 24/7 customer support and has a trustworthy online presence.

5. Consider your other home tech

There's no best plan—there is only the one that's right for you. That may mean a standalone warranty, or it may mean something that combines protection and support for all your favorite home tech. Need help deciding? Check out our home tech calculator, which will help you make a smarter decision.

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