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7 mistakes you’re making when doing your laundry

Laundry room

Laundry day can be simple—or a real slog—depending on how you approach it. Everything from the laundry detergent you choose to the temperature of the water can affect your clothing—and your washing machine.

Asurion’s experts are trained and experienced with all major appliances. From quick support to reliable repairs when your appliance dies, we can turn your breakdowns to “all better” in no time. Let's dive into some of the most common laundry mistakes our experts see and how to fix them, so your clothes come out clean every time—and your washer lasts longer. 

1. Ignoring labels

Those tiny labels inside your clothes are there for a reason. They provide essential instructions on how to care for the fabric. Ignoring them can lead to shrinking, color bleeding, or fabric damage. Take a moment to check the label to keep your clothes looking their best.

2. Not reading your machine’s manual

Washer and dryer manuals contain valuable information about the features of your appliances. Taking the time to read the manual can help you understand the best settings for different types of laundry and which detergents are safe for your appliances, potentially saving you from future laundry mishaps.

3. Bypassing the instructions

When was the last time you read your favorite detergent’s instructions? Tossing in a laundry pod or a barely measured cup of liquid detergent may seem harmless, but it can have consequences.

Here’s a laundry rule of thumb: less is more. Using more detergent than you need makes it difficult for your washer to clean your clothing thoroughly. This can either make your machine work harder—leading to future problems—or can even leave a gross film on your clothes and defeat the purpose of cleaning them in the first place. 

4. Overloading the machine

Resist the urge to overload your washing machine. It might seem like a time-saver, but it can leave your clothes still smelling like the gym after a wash and even damage your machine. Clothes need room to move freely for the water and detergent to reach every fiber. 

We recommend filling the drum to about three-quarters of the way. This allows for movement and ensures a thorough washing.

5. Putting all clothes in the dryer

We get it, sometimes you just need your favorite shirt or pair of jeans dried quickly so you can wear them again. But not all clothes can withstand the heat of a dryer. Instead, air-dry delicate fabrics, certain synthetics, and garments prone to shrinking. It's gentler on your clothes and can help extend the life of them. When in doubt, check the care label for the appropriate dryer settings.

6. Using one-size-fits-all products

Just like different clothes have different washing needs, not all laundry products are suitable for every load. 

Using the correct detergent and bleach for the fabric type and color can make a big difference in your clothes and how well your washing machine works. Pay attention to product labels and choose the right one for your laundry needs.

7. Adding fabric softener

Sure, fabric softeners can make your clothes feel softer and smell nicer. But they do so by creating a thin waxy layer of residue on top of the fabric. That thin layer can reduce towels' absorbency, affect activewear's moisture-wicking capabilities, and even shorten the lifespan of your fancy sweaters. Not to mention the effect it can have on your machine. Over time, fabric softener can create a build-up in your washer, leading to mold and other issues. The same goes for those dryer sheets you keep tossing in.

If you’re looking for a chemical-free alternative that’s easier on your machine and your clothes, check out wool dryer balls instead. They bounce around in the dryer to create air pockets that fluff up and soften your clothes and help reduce drying time.

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