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How to recycle an old television

Not sure what to do with your old TV? Find out how to recycle, donate, or safely dispose of it.

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Today's televisions have a bevy of cool new features—such as Ultra 4K HD picture and art-like screen design—that make movie night with friends and family an amazing experience. But if you decide to buy something new, what should you do with your old TV? Don't worry, we'll show you how to simply and sustainably get rid of the electronic devices you no longer need. 

Asurion is your one-stop shop for troubleshooting, fixing, and maximizing your tech and appliances. From ways to fix a TV with no sound to how to cast your phone to your TV, our experts offer 24/7 tech care to millions. Here are their recommendations for the best ways to recycle an old television—or if that’s not an option, how to throw away an old TV.  

What should I do with an old television? 

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted electronics, like an old TV, your options will vary depending on the device’s condition. If your television is in good shape, you might be able to:  

  • Sell it. 
  • Give it away.  
  • Donate it to a local charity. 

But if your TV is broken or not in working condition, your options for proper disposal are more limited. You can:     

  • Recycle it. 
  • Dispose of it. 
  • Donate it to a local charity. 

Why you should recycle your old television 

You may be tempted to dump your broken TV on the curb. But recycling is a better—and more environmentally friendly—option.  

The components inside your television are toxic. When your television is intact, these components aren’t harmful. But when old electronics are crushed and dumped into landfills, the heavy metals and hazardous materials can seep into the ground and devastate the environment.

How to recycle an old TV 

Recycling your old TV is easy. All you need to do is log out of your streaming services and take your television to a recycling site near you. That’s it.  

Where to recycle an old TV 

Every community has its own rules for waste management, and yours may have a designated area for recycling. You can call your local waste management center or search its website to find out your recycling options.  

Here are other resources for finding electronic recycling centers near you so you can skip the garage sale.

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): The EPA has a helpful list of all the companies that have electronics recycling programs
  • Your television’s manufacturer: Many major electronics companies like Samsung® and LG® have their own recycling programs. Check the website of your old TV’s manufacturer to see if it offers a similar service.  
  • Best Buy®: The retail store offers recycling services—at a discounted rate if you purchase your new TV from them. 
  • Haul-away services: There are some companies that will come pick up your old TV and other electronics for recycling, such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK® and Junk King®
  • Charities: There are a few non-profits or charities that will allow you to donate your old TV—even if it’s broken. Visit these sites to see if these services are available in your area: 

How to throw away an old TV 

Unfortunately, free TV recycling isn’t an option for everyone. As a last resort, if you need to throw away your old or broken TV, we recommend visiting the National Waste Management site. It can direct you to your local drop-off center and show you the least harmful way to dispose of your electronics.  

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