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Ways to make the battery on your iPhone 15 last longer

Charging Iphone 15 Battery

Fast Fix

  • Open Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging.
  • Tap Charging Optimization > 80% Limit. 
  • This will turn on a new setting that can help give your battery longer life. 

You love the cool new features on your iPhone® 15, but your battery is draining fast. Is there anything you can do about it? We’ll walk you through some quick fixes. 

At Asurion, our experts deal with battery issues every day—so we know how to get you back up and running—fast—whether you want to replace your iPhone battery or give your battery a health check-up

Here’s how to make your iPhone 15 battery last longer. 

Why is your iPhone 15 battery draining faster 

Your iPhone15 includes cool, new features like a high-resolution screen and a camera that takes amazing close ups even in low light. But because your device does so much, it may also use more juice, leading you to recharge more frequently. 

How to make your iPhone 15 battery last longer 

Charging your phone more than you used to? Here’s how to adjust your settings and extend the battery life of your iPhone 15:

Turn off the Always On feature 

The Always-On feature for your iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max shows the time, your wallpaper, and widgets, among other things, even when your device is locked. Turn it off to save power. 

Here’s how: Open Settings > Display & Brightness > Always On Display, and turn it off.

Don’t use the live wallpapers feature

Animated wallpapers are fun but they use more juice than plain wallpaper. Choose a still photo for your wallpaper to conserve your battery. 

Turn off the Live Voicemail feature

Live Voicemail, which shows a transcript of someone leaving you a voicemail in real time, is a great new iPhone 15 feature. But if you can live without it, turn it off and your battery will last longer.

Open Settings > Phone > Live Voicemail and turn it off. 

Lower your brightness levels

The dimmer your display, the less power you use. Try lowering the brightness on your screen to conserve your battery. 

  1. Open Settings > Display & Brightness
  2. Move the slider to the left to turn down brightness. 

Turn off the haptic feedback feature

Haptic feedback is the effect you get when you’re tapping keys on your iPhone 15 so it feels more like actual typing. People like it but if you’re worried about your battery, turn it off. Here’s how: 

  1. Open Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback
  2. Turn off Haptic

Limit your notifications

Constant app notifications keep you connected, but they drain your battery. Think about which updates you don’t need: Open Settings > Notifications, then choose an app from the list to adjust its notification settings. 

Turn off the Background App Refresh feature

Apps update even when they’re not open, which drains your battery. To save it, turn off Background App Refresh. 

  1. Open Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
  2. Turn off Background App Refresh at the top, or scroll through the list of apps and turn off any you don’t use often. 

One quick tip: try turning off shopping apps but keeping your email on. 

Adjust your Auto-Lock settings

The Auto-Lock feature controls the length of time before your screen shuts off. To preserve your battery, choose a shorter Auto-Lock setting. It’s easy:

  1. Open Settings > Display & Brightness
  2. Tap Auto-Lock and select a length of time. Our experts recommend 30 seconds. 

Adjust the Location Services feature

Location Services is a helpful feature that uses cell towers, Wi-Fi hotspots, GPS, and Bluetooth® to pinpoint your location. But using it can burn through your battery. 

When it’s turned on, your apps can access your location. But consider turning it off for apps that don’t need to know where you are and turn it to While Using the App to those that do. Here’s how:

  1. Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services
  2. Turn off Location Services at the top of the screen or change the settings for each app by tapping Never, Ask Next Time, While Using the App, or Always, when the option is available. 

Don’t overcharge your battery 

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 pro models include a new battery setting that prevents your device from charging past 80%, which can help extend your battery life. Here’s how to turn it on: 

  1. Open Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging.
  2. Tap Charging Optimization > 80% Limit

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