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Asurion’s top Tech Tips of 2023

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In 2023, our Tech Tips site had more than 16 million visitors looking for help with their tech and appliances, from phones and laptops to washers and smart TVs.

The New Year is a great time to look back and reflect, and at Asurion, our team is doing just that, sifting through our data to see what had our readers buzzing in 2023. 

The goal of our site—and our company at large—is to take care of you and your technology, no matter the problem, no matter the place, no matter the time. We’re constantly researching tech and appliance issues to help fix, protect, and keep your devices working at their best.

In 2023, our Tech Tips site had more than 16 million people looking for help with their favorite devices and appliances—from phones and laptops to smart TVs and washing machines. 

Here’s what you—our readers—needed help with most and why.  


Millions of people searched for advice on battery problems, signal loss, and ringing issues. People who own iPhones® mainly struggled with software, while those who prefer Android™ wrestled with setting adjustments

General phone tips, like dealing with water damage, power issues, and sharing your home network info via a QR code, also made our most-read list. 

Virtual assistants

When it came to virtual assistants, people were looking for help with the basics. The two most common? How to solve internet connectivity issues and how to reset Alexa on your Amazon Echo™.


We use our laptops to work and play—from making presentations and writing articles to listening to music and streaming our favorite shows. It’s of little surprise, then, that laptop articles crept into our most-read articles. 

These guides offered solutions for Wi-Fi problems and issues with touchpads and keyboards. Here’s to hoping we helped. 

Washers and dryers

These machines may not sound as exciting as the latest iPhone. But when your washer won't spin, you still need help—fast. That’s why our guide crept into the top 25. 

Smart TVs and VR headsets

These two devices go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Or rather, chocolate, peanut butter, popcorn—whatever snack you enjoy on movie or gaming night.

What we learned this year? Nothing ruins such a Saturday like Oculus Quest™ 2 casting issues or not being able to connect to the internet from your Samsung® TV. Both guides were among our most-read articles in 2023.   


Part computer, part media player, part whatever you want it to be, these devices are handy, and people who own them flocked to articles about preventing iPad battery drain and how to transfer data from one tablet to another.

Helpful, right? 

Happy New Year

This year, we’ll keep it coming with even more guides that keep your favorite devices working like new. 

Here’s to more Tech Tips triumphs in 2024. 

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